Florida Keys Lighthouses Endangered Historical Resources

The 6 Florida Keys Lighthouses are among the 11 “most endangered” historic sites in the state this year, says a statewide preservation group. This week, the nonprofit Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, meeting for its annual conference in Tallahassee, released its list of 2016’s most threatened historic resources. The lighthouses are on the list. Here’s what … Read more

Florida Keys History – Northwest Channel Lighthouse

1855: Northwest Channel Lighthouse was first lighted. This lighthouse was located eight miles (13 km) from Key West, Florida, at the entrance to the northwest channel to the Key West harbor. The first light was a lightship put on station in 1838. It is not known if the lightship survived the Great Havana Hurricane of 1846, which destroyed … Read more

Middle Florida Keys Suggestions For Your Bucket List

The Middle Florida Keys are an often overlooked destination. Lying between the Upper Florida Keys where you will find the Diving & Fishing Capitals of Key Largo and Islamorada and the Lower Florida Keys with Big Pine Key’s Key Deer and world famous Key West, the Middle Florida Keys is sometimes referred to as the Heart … Read more

Cuban Government Still Owns the San Carlos

A stately edifice on Key West’s Duval Street with high arches, a wide wrought-iron balcony, and large windows shaded by wooden louvers, the building that houses the San Carlos Institute is the property of the Cuban Government, a situation that has remained unchanged since long before the revolution of the 1950s. Founded by Cuban exiles … Read more

Fowey Rocks Lighthouse Endangered Historic Places

The Fowey Rocks Lighthouse in Biscayne National Park has been listed by the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation as one of the 11 most endangered historic sites in the state. The Fowey Rocks Lighthouse is included along with five other reef lighthouses in the Florida Keys. “A lighthouse that has kept mariners and their ships … Read more

A Florida Keys Pirate Tale or Two

In the early years of the 19th Century, piracy was still a problem in the West Indies, an area that not only included the islands of the Caribbean, but the waters surrounding the Florida peninsula. Rear Admiral Casper F. Goodrich studied the evidence of piratical activity in 1818 and published his findings in the U.S. Navy … Read more

New Exhibits Opening: Lighthouses of the Florida Reef

The first survey of the Florida Reef was performed by naturalist Louis Agassiz aboard the Coast Survey Schooner Petrel. Lieutenant James Totten of the U.S. Army accompanied the Coast Survey team when the initial study of the Florida Reef system was made in 1852. Lighthouses of the Florida Reef is being presented in partnership with … Read more

NOAA Researchers Dive Slave Ship “The Ivory Wreck”

BY JOSH GORE Free Press Staff A group of federal maritime archaeologists are trying to uncover more details of a sunken slave ship near Delta Shoals off Sombrero Reef. Locals name the area The Ivory Wreck, which is located a few hundred yards away from the lighthouse. The name stems from ivory tusks discovered … Read more

Is It Time for a Jerry Wilkinson Research Library

The view out across the Atlantic from Jerry Wilkinson’s house is the stuff of dreams. Between the mix of sky and ocean exists differing shades of blue for as far as the eye can see, while inside the house exists of bit of historical chaos. Walls are lined with books and old cameras, glass bottles and books … Read more