The Most Expensive Luxury Hotels in Florida – #1 Little Palm Island

The Florida Keys is home to the three most expensive hotels in the Sunshine State with #1 Little Palm Island. This is the finding of a new survey conducted by Miamihotels.org. In determining the rankings, the survey compared luxury hotels based on their cheapest available rate for a double room during the month of February…

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Little Palm Island The Florida Keys Resort You Can’t Drive To

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is a piece of paradise discreetly located off the fabled Florida Keys coastline so remote it’s only accessible by sea-plane or boat. A best-kept secret for US presidents and celebrities, your escape is simply waiting to drink you in. No phones, no TVs and no shortage of fun and romance….


Little Palm Island Resort & Spa Completes Restoration

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Lower Florida Keys, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa – part of the Noble House Hotels & Resorts collection – has announced the multimillion-dollar revitalization of the iconic 5.5-acre resort and island (www.littlepalmisland.com). “The different elements of this multimillion-dollar renovation all help to layer different levels of culture…