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The Most Expensive Luxury Hotels in Florida – #1 Little Palm Island

The Florida Keys is home to the three most expensive hotels in the Sunshine State with #1 Little Palm Island. This is the finding of a new survey conducted by Miamihotels.org.

In determining the rankings, the survey compared luxury hotels based on their cheapest available rate for a double room during the month of February 2017. That timeframe was chosen because it represents the high season for most Florida destinations.

Little Palm Island
Little Palm Island

At a rate of $1,395 per night for its least expensive room, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, located on an island off Little Torch Key, leads the rankings. Coming in second most expensive is The Moorings Villa & Spa ($1,287) in Islamorada. Meanwhile, the Sunset Key Cottages in Key West rounds out the podium at a minimum overnight rate of $1,035.

The Setai distinguishes itself as the priciest luxury hotel in Miami Beach. To stay in this resort, which is situated in the famous Art Deco district, a guest will have to spend a minimum of $992 per night for a room. The priciest hotel in southwest Florida is the Ritz Carlton in Naples. There a visitor will find a room from $933 nightly.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive hotels in Florida. The prices listed indicate the cheapest available rate for a double room during the time period spanning February 1–28, 2017.

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Source: Survey reveals the most expensive luxury hotels in Florida


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