Pirate Humor

Pirate Humor

Most of what we know about pirates comes from Navy records, newspaper accounts, or eyewitness statements from those whom the pirates spared. The were mostly a ruthless bunch but today we have taken a whimsical approach to their lives with some Pirate Humor.

Jack Sparrow Officiating Pirate Wedding

Islamorada resident Bill Camp works as a wedding officiant and gives clients the option of marrying them dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, from the blockbuster movie franchise, “Pirates of the Caribbean.” It was your typical white wedding on a Key Largo beach — until a pirate invaded the ceremony. Pirate Wedding. The bride and the … Read more

A Florida Keys Pirate Tale or Two

In the early years of the 19th Century, piracy was still a problem in the West Indies, an area that not only included the islands of the Caribbean, but the waters surrounding the Florida peninsula. Rear Admiral Casper F. Goodrich studied the evidence of piratical activity in 1818 and published his findings in the U.S. Navy … Read more