Catch, Clean, and Cook with Florida Keys Spiny Lobster

The Florida Keys, known for their stunning coral reefs and diverse marine life, offer an incredible opportunity for adventure seekers and food enthusiasts alike. Among the many delicacies that grace the waters of the Keys, the Florida Keys Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) stands out as a delectable treat for seafood aficionados. We will take you … Read more

Florida Keys Public Awareness Campaign Spiny Lobster Sport Season

An extensive public awareness initiative has begun to help leisure Florida Keys travelers and residents have an enjoyable, safe and non-impacting experience during both the two-day Spiny Lobster Sport Season and the traditional lobster harvesting season. A dedicated website,, includes interactive videos with need-to-know dive and boating safety tips, up-to-date rules, regulations for lobster hunting … Read more

It’s Florida Lobster Season – Here’s How to Cook Them

There seems to be no debate among Florida lobster aficionados concerning how to cook this delicacy of the sea. “You have got to grill them,” said restaurateur Frank Chivas. “There is no other way.” But Chivas and his longtime friend Tom Pritchard, the creative force behind many of his restaurants, disagreed on the next step. “I like … Read more

Wily Florida Lobster Can be Elusive

The antennae sticking out of the hole gave the creature away. So with great caution and care, I placed my tickle stick behind the Florida Lobster and tried to gently coax it into my net. But with one flip of its tail, it shot out between my legs like a cartoon crustacean, leaving nothing but … Read more

The Basics to Kayak Lobstering

This article isn’t specific about the Florida Keys but most of the information matches what you would do here. Once lobster season rolls around in Florida, the excitement [for Kayak Lobstering] couldn’t be any more on fire. Being the popular thing to do (with a nice payout) many head to the Florida Keys to go … Read more

Lobster Traps Need to be Degradable

A study published earlier this year by a state biologist says the durability of lobster traps contributes to a high number of unintended sea life deaths each year. Casey Butler’s study, “Effects of Ghost Fishing Lobsters in the Florida Keys,” was published Jan. 7 in the ICES Journal of Marine Service. “We’ve found that the … Read more

Spiny Lobster and Stone Crab Prices in the Florida Keys

We are well into the Spiny Lobster and Stone Crab seasons. The prices should have stabilized after the high prices of the beginning of the seasons. The Chinese play a role in Spiny Lobster prices, but also they are learning how to play the [lobster] game. Last year Stock Island-based commercial lobster fisherman George Niles … Read more

New Florida Law For Spiny Lobster Harvest To Deter Poachers

On Oct. 1, an amendment to the Florida statute pertaining to Spiny Lobster harvest went into effect, giving authorities more latitude in prosecutions for those who harvest undersized spiny lobster. The new legislation, SB 1470, sponsored by Rep. Holly Raschein and Sen. Jack Latvala, and championed by many in the Keys, specifies that each undersized … Read more

Spiny Lobster in the Florida Keys – Video

The beautifully marked Caribbean Spiny Lobster has long been a Florida seafood favorite and is arguably one of the state’s most important fisheries. Thousands of harvesters flock to the Florida Keys each year during the sport and regular season to experience some of the best lobstering in the world. Many divers, like the one in … Read more

Spiny Lobster Never Lose Fertility And 5 More Facts

Florida’s Spiny Lobster season kicks off Aug. 6 and, once again, commercial fisheries are trying to get their hands on these savory critters. FIU marine scientist Heather Bracken-Grissom offers insight on one of the state’s most iconic and economically lucrative marine animals.   Lobsters are large marine crustaceans. They have a hard, external skeleton that supports … Read more

While Fishing Watch For Commercial Lobster Trap Lines

We’ve talked about exercising extra caution, both on the water and off, due to the influx of tourists partaking in lobster mini-season last week. This week, add to your boating attentiveness the presence of commercial lobster trap gear. August 1, the commercial lobstermen splashed their fresh gear for the eight-month recreational and commercial lobster season … Read more

Florida Keys Anglers Air Their Concerns to the FWC

Florida Keys [anglers] residents spoke out on dolphin fish harvests, lobster bully-netting, lionfish problems and grouper seasons when meeting with state fishery managers last summer. Wednesday in Panama City Beach, board members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will consider whether to act on any of the concerns gathered at a statewide series … Read more