FWC Approves Stone Crab Regulations Changes 

At its October meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved changes to recreational and commercial stone crab regulations for escape ring requirements. These regulation changes include: For the 2023-24 stone crab season, an unobstructed escape ring 2 3/16 inches in diameter for all recreational and commercial plastic or wood stone crab traps … Read more

Stone crab season ends May 2 Florida Keys

Florida’s recreational and commercial stone crab season in state and federal waters will end on May 2, with the last day of harvest being May 1. Commercially harvested stone crab claws may be possessed and sold during the closed season but only if they have been placed in inventory prior to May 2 by a licensed … Read more

Tagged Stone Crabs in the Florida Keys

Look Out for Tagged Stone Crabs in the Keys FWRI crustacean biologists are investigating stone crab movement throughout the Florida Keys. Stone Crabs caught in our fisheries independent monitoring traps are being tagged and released into nearby waters. Look out for Tagged Stone Crabs. We hope to get enough tag reports from commercial and recreational … Read more

Stone Crab – Is Recreational Crabbing For You

The main Stone Crab harvest method used in both the commercial and recreational fisheries is a baited trap. Some recreational crab fishers collect crabs by hand (using scuba or snorkel gear). Most fishermen use traps. In the commercial stone crab fishery, traps are put out in long lines of up to 100 traps where each … Read more

FWC Approves Stone Crab Regulations Changes Effective Oct 1 2020

At its July meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved changes to recreational and commercial stone crab regulations. Florida’s stone crab fishery has experienced a long-term decline in harvest and is likely undergoing overfishing. FWC staff worked with stakeholders on these changes that are intended to increase the stone crab population and … Read more

Annual Stone Crab Eating Contest 11-9-19

While the Florida Keys stone crab harvest runs from Oct. 15 to May 15, November’s annual Stone Crab Eating Contest is an undisputed highlight of the seven-month season. The much-anticipated munch-a-thon is to draw amateur eaters and their fans Saturday, Nov. 9. Staged at Keys Fisheries Market and Marina, located at 35th Street gulfside in Marathon, … Read more

Recreational Blue and Stone Crab Trap Fishers Workshops

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) needs your input on the recreational stone crab and blue crab fisheries. Share your feedback on potential regulation changes for this fishery. The FWC is hosting public workshops throughout the state in May to develop a better understanding of the public’s view on management of these fisheries. … Read more

6 All Time Favorite Florida Keys Foods and Where to Find Them

The Florida Keys are well-known for many things such as Fishing, Diving, Beautiful Sunsets and of course Florida Keys foods. The varied recipes found in the local restaurants reflect a multitude of cultural influences from our Spanish, Bahamian, Caribbean neighbors as well as American cuisine. With Commercial fishing the 2nd largest industry in the Keys, just behind tourism, it … Read more

Spiny Lobster and Stone Crab Prices in the Florida Keys

We are well into the Spiny Lobster and Stone Crab seasons. The prices should have stabilized after the high prices of the beginning of the seasons. The Chinese play a role in Spiny Lobster prices, but also they are learning how to play the [lobster] game. Last year Stock Island-based commercial lobster fisherman George Niles … Read more

Mmmm! Stone Crab Season – Let’s Get Cracking

Stone crab fishermen would welcome the same prices for more claws in the new season that opens with the first pull Thursday, October 15, 2015. “There’s enough demand to take care of the supply but we’re hoping for more supply,” said Gary Graves from Keys Fisheries in Marathon, a leading supplier of stone-crab claws. Last … Read more

FWC Tightens Rules on Certain Stone Crab Traps

State fishery managers have removed a loophole that gave some unscrupulous commercial trap fishermen a leg up on fellow fishermen and had serious impact on the lucrative spiny lobster fishery, which is centered in the Florida Keys. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) amended its regulations for stone crab traps used in Collier, … Read more