Florida Keys Hogfish Season Open May 1 – Oct 31

Hogfish are a reef species that inhabit rocky bottoms, ledges, and reefs throughout Florida’s offshore waters. They are easily identified by their long, hog-like snout, which allows them to feed on bottom-dwelling mollusks and crustaceans. Because they tend to root in the sediment in search of small prey, they are not commonly caught on hook … Read more

Hogfish – New Rules for Florida Keys Begin August 24 2017

The FWC approved several management changes to hogfish. These changes will go into effect in on Aug. 24, 2017. Approved changes include: A new state management boundary between the Keys/east Florida and Gulf stocks will be at 25 degrees 9 minutes north latitude (a line due west of Cape Sable, which is on the Gulf … Read more

6 All Time Favorite Florida Keys Foods and Where to Find Them

The Florida Keys are well-known for many things such as Fishing, Diving, Beautiful Sunsets and of course Florida Keys foods. The varied recipes found in the local restaurants reflect a multitude of cultural influences from our Spanish, Bahamian, Caribbean neighbors as well as American cuisine. With Commercial fishing the 2nd largest industry in the Keys, just behind tourism, it … Read more

Hogfish New Rules and Boundaries Set – 10 Year Rebuilding Plan

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved several conservation measures that are consistent with federal rules and set a new state management boundary for hogfish at the November meeting in St. Petersburg. “Hogfish is an economically important species that is popular with the diving and angling community,” said Chairman Brian Yablonski. “This was … Read more

South Atlantic Fishery Council Approves New Hogfish Rules

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has approved new recreational and commercial regulations for hogfish, a popular fish in the Florida Keys for catching and eating. The South Atlantic Council, which has jurisdiction from the Keys to North Carolina, agreed last week to reduce the bag limit for hogfish caught off South Florida from five … Read more

Herbed Hogfish On The Grill from Islamorada

For fresh taste of the Atlantic, try this recipe for Islamorada’s spear-caught hogfish that let’s its clean flavors shine. When in Islamorada, Florida, be sure to try something that is hard to find anywhere else. For Chef Michael Ledwith, that is the locally spear caught hogfish. Over the years, Chef Michael and his team have … Read more