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Recent Posts

Key Largo’s Snapper’s sells for $7.1 million

Key Largo's Snapper's Waterfront Restaurant in Key Largo sold for $7.1 million this week. The popular eating and drinking spot at mile marker 94.5 was owned by Howard and Lynda Kolbenheyer for the past 27 years. Why did they sell? "Because it's been 27 years and I'm tired," Howard Kolbenheyer ...
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Local Lobster Mobster Continues Violations – Arrested Again

A Summerland Key [Lobster Mobster] fisherman [in the past he has been identified as from Big Pine Key] arrested in October 2014 for lobster fishing with hundreds of illegal traps was arrested again Thursday for lying on a wildlife form about his marine violation history, according to court records. Lobster Mobster ...
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Lignumvitae Key Was Once Known as ‘Isle of Firewood’

The history of Lignumvitae Key dates back in time when the islands of the Florida Keys were a living coral reef. Sea level has fluctuated over time and has been as much as 300 feet lower than today and as much as 60 to 100 feet higher than today, drastically ...
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Best stops on the Overseas Highway – Big Pine Key

Road trips don't come more spectacular than the Overseas Highway. Sailing through tropical savanna over the Florida Straits, it links Miami on the mainland with the 180-kilometer-long Florida Keys island chain. Most visitors head straight to Key West, the southernmost city in the continental United States, but if they stopped along the ...
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Casitas – Building a Better Lobster Trap

So-called casitas, an alternative to conventional traps, are used throughout Latin America. Although using them in the U.S. would offer environmental advantages, opposition by traditional fishers make it unlikely they will be legalized in anytime soon By Erik Vance Lifting a lobster casita is easier than it looks. The device is little ...
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Coral Bleaching Puts Coral Diversity at Risk

There have been several recent reports about major events of coral bleaching. Coral reacts to the stress of warmer water by expelling zooxanthellae, the symbiotic photosynthetic algae responsible for nutrient cycling within the coral and the coral’s color. The coral provides algae with a protected environment and the compounds the algae need ...
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Florida Bay Algae Bloom Latest Disaster From Tamiami Trail

Florida Bay, the body of water between the Everglades and the Keys that was once teeming with wildlife, may be on the verge of collapse. Last week, scientists reported that miles of sea grass have died in the bay in recent months, leaving behind a stinky smell and a cloud of ...
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Commercial Fishermen Critical of Proposed Dolphin Changes

The head of the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association contends that a proposed increase to the dolphin fish allocation to the commercial fishing sector does not go far enough. The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has proposed increasing the commercial sector allocation for dolphin from 7.54 percent, or 1.1 million pounds, to 10 ...
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Mmmm! Stone Crab Season – Let’s Get Cracking

Stone crab fishermen would welcome the same prices for more claws in the new season that opens with the first pull Thursday, October 15, 2015. "There's enough demand to take care of the supply but we're hoping for more supply," said Gary Graves from Keys Fisheries in Marathon, a leading supplier ...
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State Considering New Mutton Snapper Limits

State fishery managers will take the first step this week in lowering the bag limit for mutton snapper, one of the Florida Keys’ most highly targeted species of fish. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission board will meet Wednesday, Nov. 18, in Panama City to discuss a series of ...
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28 Florida Keys Bars in 6 Days

Florida Keys Bars A visit to some of the best Florida Keys bars from the top of the Florida Keys to the bottom and back again. Written and narrated by Dave McBride ...
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5 Great Florida Keys Beaches To Visit On The Cheap

Florida Keys Beaches I recently took an extended road trip down the East coast from West Virginia, ending magnificently in the Florida Keys. Anyone who has traveled down that way, knows that the Keys can be quite expensive to stay in. So money for activities does not have to be that ...
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Scientists Connect the Reefs of Pulley Ridge to Florida Keys

This week, a team of university, state, and federal scientists is exploring a little known deep reef, Pulley Ridge, where spectacular plate coral colonies blanket the seafloor and red groupers actually help create habitat. Scientists believe this ecosystem, which lies 33 miles northwest of the western most boundary of the Florida ...
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Citizen Scientists Needed to Help Monitor Canal Water Quality

On Monday, Aug. 17, Shelly Kruege will be teaching citizen “scientists” how to test canal water quality in Key Largo. The Florida Keys Water Watch program is based on a 22-year old similar program testing stream water n Georgia. So far, there are 20 sites in the Keys spanning from ...
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Best Stops on the Overseas Highway – Islamorada

Road trips don't come more spectacular than the Overseas Highway. Sailing through tropical savanna over the Florida Straits, it links Miami on the mainland with the 180-kilometer-long Florida Keys island chain. Most visitors head straight to Key West, the southernmost city in the continental United States, but if they stopped along the ...
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Islamorada’s Bob Rich is ‘Looking Through Water’ in New Book

Islamorada's Bob Rich is known as one of the wealthiest men in the country through his family's wholesale food company Rich Products Inc., for which he is chairman, but increasingly he's getting better known for his angling. Now, after producing four books -- "Fish Fights," "The Fishing Club," "The Right Angle" ...
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Stone Crab Season Starts With a Bang and big Catches

As the 34-foot Lucky Lady rolled in 2- to 3-foot seas Thursday, trap after trap came up from the Gulf of Mexico crawling with stone crabs, many of them big males with jumbo claws. A good opening day of stone crab season, which runs through May 15: The Lucky Lady landed almost 200 pounds of claws ...
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State Investigating Seagrass Die-off in Florida Bay

A couple months of drought-like conditions for the southern region of the state coupled with a lack of freshwater being sent down through the Everglades by the South Florida Water Management District are among the factors that have caused an extensive seagrass die-off in the northern region of the Florida ...
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No Matter How it Got There – The Eagle is a Great Dive

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed!” So announced American Astronaut Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969, when he and fellow Astronaut Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to land on the moon. Six hours later, Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the lunar module saying his historically famous ...
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A Sight to Behold – Flamingo at Boca Chica

A century ago, visitors to South Florida were often met with what is now a rare sight — thousands of American Flamingos flocking in the wetlands that once dominated the landscape. They were less common in the Florida Keys as the island chain didn't offer as much prime real estate that ...
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