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Recent Posts

Iguana Hard to kill – Law Says Don’t be Cruel

Few want to publicly talk about killing iguanas, yet it's a common practice. Iguana hunting on private property -- whether your own or someone else's with explicit permission -- is perfectly legal in the Florida Keys with a few caveats. "You can kill it, but it has to be quick ...
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Florida Keys Fishermen Just Trying to Help at the Bahia Honda Bridge

Two Lower Keys fishermen were on the side of the Overseas Highway near the Bahia Honda Bridge, pounding a sign into the ground. The sign read The End is Near! Turn Yourself Around Now! Before it is Too Late! A car full of tourists sped past them and one leaned ...
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American Crocodile at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas

The lone resident American Crocodile at Fort Jefferson, in the Dry Tortugas, has been there for almost two decades, according to National Park Service rangers. There were fewer than 200 when the American Crocodile was listed as endangered on the federal Endangered Species List in the 1970s. Now it is ...
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Stingray: Best Observed From a Distance When Diving in the Florida Keys

There are many different types of fish found on the reefs near our shores. Some of them are difficult to see and even more difficult to identify. There are a few fish that are easy to spot and are familiar to many people, even visitors that have never been to ...
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Why Key Largo Diving Capital is better than Key West for Scuba Diving

Key Largo Diving Capital, Florida is the first of the many Florida Keys and often overlooked by tourists. Perhaps it is because of the news media and Hollywood productions that highlight Key West more than Key Largo, but everyone thinks that Key West is the place to go for diving ...
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Eyeball Navigation: Reading Florida Keys Water Colors

Between the islands and barrier reef of the Florida Keys are grassy shallows, patch reefs and isolated coral heads. Though these hazards show on nautical charts, changes occur between publications. One skill you can learn to help avoid these dangers is eyeball navigation, a method of reading water depth and ...
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Sales of Florida Keys Spiny Lobster Down From Last Year

The normally red-hot Florida Keys spiny lobster fishery in South Florida seems to be cooling off this season, or at least Asian buyers seem to becoming more shrewd about the lucrative market. Spiny lobster is the Florida Keys’ most profitable commercial fishery, generating more than $50 million a year directly ...
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County and Key Deer Refuge Projects on Tap in Big Pine Key in 2017

Monroe County has a handful of projects on tap for the Big Pine Key area in 2017. They include, among others, sea level rise prevention work that’s one of a two-part pilot program in the Florida Keys, a revamp of a popular swimming hole and some more smaller jobs like ...
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Marathon City Officials: Housing – Amenities – Beautification 2017 Goals

Marathon leaders are setting a laundry list of goals for the new year that include protecting residential areas, adding amenities, creating more workforce housing and more. “We are planning to work with [state Rep.] Holly Raschein and [state Sen.] Anitere Flores to regain more control of vacation rentals to help ...
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2017 Islamorada Priorities – Traffic – Park – Canal Improvements

Islamorada Mayor Jim Mooney said one of the governing board’s main focuses in 2017 will be tackling traffic issues, a recurring theme for much of Monroe County. U.S. 1 has long experienced lengthy delays due to holidays, community events and accidents, among other things. Mooney said the village is working ...
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Florida Keys Spiny Lobster – Spiny Crawfish – Fishing Guide

The main difference between the Florida Keys Spiny Lobster and the American or Main Lobster are the front claws. American / Main lobsters have large front claws. Florida Keys Spiny Lobsters do not. Clawed lobsters are known as cold water lobsters, while Florida lobsters are known as warm water lobsters ...
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2016’s Most Streamed Netflix Shows by State – Florida Likes Bloodline

The rise of Netflix in living rooms across America is testament not only to the comfort of our couches, but also to the power of some very popular original content. While Netflix and providers like Amazon Prime don’t release ratings information, the increasing popularity of original series like Stranger Things ...
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Looe Key Snorkeling Some of the Best in the Florida Keys – Video

Just east of Key West, Looe Key snorkeling is considered by many locals as the best snorkeling in the Florida Keys. During a snorkel at Looe Key, you may encounter black-tipped reef sharks, sea turtles, parrotfish, anglefish, filefish, butterflyfish and stingrays. There are healthy formations of elkhorn coral and firecoral ...
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Unexpected Luxury and Comfort in the Florida Keys – Playa Largo Resort

The Florida Keys are known for many things; luxury accommodations are not one of them. For the most part, people come to the keys to revel in the gorgeous scenery and laid-back, salty, and somewhat gritty lifestyle. Nevertheless, paying hundreds of dollars for a dirty motel room just never made ...
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Florida Keys Fishing Rule Changes For January 1

There are many fishing regulations taking effect January 1. Below are some that affect Florida Keys Fishing from the FWC. Seasonal grouper closure starts Jan. 1 in Atlantic, Monroe County waters Several species of grouper will close to recreational and commercial harvest starting Jan. 1 in Florida state waters of ...
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Fishy Origins – Craig’s Restaurant – Super Fish Sandwich

The tale of a Keys dining legend. Craig's Restaurant Super Fish Sandwich. Craig’s Restaurant has been open for business for 36 years and counting. Its large red emblem above the diner, with the words “World Famous Fish Sandwich” just below, is one of Plantation Key’s most recognizable sights. Though if ...
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January Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fishing in the Florida Keys, with green and blue waters enveloping Islamorada, signaling sandbars, flats and channels. All of the Florida Keys are a playground for sport fish and anglers alike. Driving south down U.S. 1 in Florida, it’s easy to become hypnotized by the green and blue waters surrounding ...
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Can You Name Each of These Florida Keys Sea Creatures – Video

Assorted Florida Keys Sea Creatures seen while diving a few Ledges off Key Largo, FL - Dec 2016 - Video by Peter Bonacum. Can you name them? https://youtu.be/dP2fCpqmagQ ...
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10 Things We Love About The Florida Keys

From Caribbean-like aquamarine waters to a friendly, island life attitude, the Florida Keys never fail to surprise first-time visitors. We love the food, rum, nightlife and sunsets, but were also charmed by the abundance of wildlife and the beaches (who says there's no beaches in the Keys?). The Keys manage ...
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Marathon – The Middle Keys by Jerry Wilkinson and Laura Albritton

A new pictorial history of Marathon - The Middle Keys traces the community’s growth from the earliest known settlers, through its Overseas Railroad era and the wrath of Hurricane Donna. Then there are the oddball Keys events, like the plight of an unfortunate whale shark paraded through town and Mitzi ...
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