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Recent Posts

Things to Do in Kid Friendly Florida Keys

With its azure blue waters, swaying palm trees, year-round warm temps and bright blue skies, Kid Friendly Florida Keys makes for the perfect tropical escape. Two state parks, a national park and a national marine sanctuary offer plenty of opportunities to explore and learn. Plus it's easy to reach, at ...
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Take Care of Your Fishing Line – Proper Disposal Saves Wildlife

Fishing is a key component of the Florida lifestyle as well as the state’s economy. But fishing line and other fishing tackle frequently enter Florida’s aquatic systems as a result of incidental snags or improper disposal. When left in the aquatic environment, fishing line and tackle create potential traps for ...
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Islamorada Village Reviews La Jolla Resort Redevelopment

Requests for redevelopment and expansion of a longstanding resort are set to go before the Village Council on Thursday, Feb. 16. La Jolla Resort, represented by Island Construction Management owner Don Horton, will go before the governing board a second time with requests to redevelop and possibly expand on its ...
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Upgrade Sought to the Hurricane Monument in Islamorada

The towering hurricane monument at mile marker 81.8 could soon be the recipient of an expansion effort. Islamorada’s Historic Preservation Commission is interested in enlarging the lesser-used back area of the Florida Keys Memorial to attract more visitors there. “For starters, we want to erect a large map,” commission Vice ...
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National Park Fee-Free Days 2017 – Dry Tortugas – Everglades

The two National Parks around the Florida Keys are both off shore of the islands. They are the Dry Tortugas National Park and Everglades National Park. Currently the entrance fees only apply to going on land at the parks and not to the waters surrounding the park land. The next ...
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Florida Keys Homes – Dream Mansion With Sensational Grotto

Many Florida Keys homes are merely a place to return to after a day of fishing and diving. Not a show place to entertain. But there are homes built to impress and this bayside Plantation Key home will certainly impress with it's fantastic views through all the glass, pool, waterfall, ...
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The Trading Post Celebrating 63 Years in Islamorada

Key comes from the Spanish word “cayo,” and it means reef or low island. There are l700 hundred of them in the Florida Keys. Driving down Route 1 from Miami, along the Everglades National Park, you know you’re in the Keys when you start to see signs advertising “Bait.” Islamorada, the ...
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Mote Marine Laboratory 2017 Summer Camp in Florida Keys

Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium is excited to announce an expanded lineup of summer camps. Mote Summer Camp 2017 offers more opportunities for kids to learn about their local waters, from the beautiful Sarasota Bay to the Florida Keys, in a fun and engaging way. Registration is open now for ...
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FWC How to Catch and Release Fish for Maximum Survival – Video

Throughout its 8,500 miles of marine coastline and more than 2,500 artificial reefs, Florida boasts an abundance and diversity of fish species. Every fish that swims in our waters ranks as a vital and valuable resource. With more anglers and better equipment available, catch and release fishing has become essential ...
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Florida Keys Treasures in the Beach Wrack Line

A fun pastime on any beach is looking for what’s washed up with the tides. Interesting things can wind up in the beach wrack line — piles of seaweed and seagrass marking the high tide line along most natural shorelines. Depending on where you are in Florida, you may be ...
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Florida Keys Scenic Highway / Overseas Highway – YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYQWpnUIRWU ...
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Trap life: Born and Bred Lobstering Cousins Know How to Hustle

On summer break, the alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m., and two Lobstering Cousins,  Key West High School soon-to-be sophomores open their eyes. Lobstering Cousins Demi Stiglitz and Peder Bidonne, both 15, brush their teeth, put on a little deodorant and climb into dad Richie Stiglitz’s truck. From there, they ...
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Tagged Tarpon in the Lower Florida Keys Travels Over 400 Miles

It was caught on a live crab and tagged in late May in the Lower Florida Keys by BTT scientists from UMass Amherst and Carleton University, and was the second fish ever tagged as part of the program. We just received word from colleagues that their receiver near Port Orange, ...
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Key West’s Strangest Love Story – Undying Love – Count Carl von Cosel

Writer/musician/playwright Ben Harrison tells the true macabre story of Key West’s own “Count” Carl von Cosel and his passion that defied death, for an episode titled “Grand Gestures”. Von Cosel achieved international fame in 1940 when the corpse of his true love (and former tuberculosis patient) Elena Milagro Hoyos was ...
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White Pelican is a True ‘Snowbird’ in the Florida Keys

This week we will dive into learning about the American White Pelican, one of two pelican species that can be found in North America. The American white pelican is one of the country’s largest birds, with a 9.5-foot wingspan, only second in size to the California condor. When standing on ...
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Former Florida Keys Coral Shores High Students Making Impression in Film TV

Teacher Michele Thiery has seen many students pass through her video production classes over the past 19 years, beginning with her time at Key Largo School and now at Coral Shores High School. Several who have gone on to pursue careers in television or film credit her for piquing their ...
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Diana Nyad Donates Historic Cuba-Key West Swim Gear To Key West Museum – Video

Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad dedicated an exhibit at Key West's Custom House Museum Friday, featuring items she wore during her landmark 2013 swim from Havana to Key West. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aOtETu4osk The installation includes the bathing suit, goggles. and custom-designed jellyfish protection face-mask Diana Nyad used during the nearly 111-mile swim that ...
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Florida Keys & Key West Festivals and Events 2017

Hardly a weekend goes by in the Florida Keys & Key West without a special event or festival taking place. Providing entertainment and enjoyment for visitors virtually throughout the year, the Festivals and Events celebrate everything from the Keys’ colorful history, artistic culture and quirky ambiance to underwater wonders, outdoor ...
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The Most Expensive Luxury Hotels in Florida – #1 Little Palm Island

The Florida Keys is home to the three most expensive hotels in the Sunshine State with #1 Little Palm Island. This is the finding of a new survey conducted by Miamihotels.org. In determining the rankings, the survey compared luxury hotels based on their cheapest available rate for a double room ...
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KeysCaribbean Resorts Special Discounts for February Fun in the Florida Keys

February in the Florida Keys features fun events to be found only in the tropical islands off Florida’s southern tip. KeysCaribbean Resorts salutes four unique Keys events and features special offers to enjoy a getaway to the Keys in February. “The Longer You Stay in Paradise, The More You Save” ...
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