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Recent Posts

Barracuda FWC Workshops in Florida Keys in February 2016

These workshops will help FWC gather public input and develop a better understanding of the public’s view on management, including discussing recent management changes that went into effect Nov. 1, 2015, and the need for any additional management changes. Anyone with an interest in management of barracuda in Florida is encouraged ...
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Mutton Snapper FWC Public Workshops Held In Florida Keys

Changes could be coming to one of the Florida Keys’ most popular fisheries - Mutton Snapper. State wildlife officials wanted to hear from fishermen over possible changes to bag limits and fishing areas for mutton snapper such as Western Dry Rocks. Some state and federal fishery managers have proposed lowering the bag ...
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Florida Keys for Kids – Islamorada

When people think about a kids-focused, family Florida vacation, Disney is the destination that typically comes to mind first––and for good reason. But the fact is, the Florida Keys for Kids provide unique, exciting and educational experiences that make the islands a dream getaway for kids of all ages. Here are ...
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Boat Ramp at Marathon Harbor Drive May get Tow-away Zones

Residents living by the city-owned Harbor Drive boat ramp near Aviation Boulevard behind Florida Keys Marathon International Airport may get some reprieve from what some call encroachment in their area.City Manager Charles Lindsey told the Marathon City Council at its meeting Tuesday that he and city staff might have a ...
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Underwater Resort – Would You Sleep With The Fishes

Underwater tourism may be the next big thing in luxury travel. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, an idea conceptualized by extreme travel advocate and managing director of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Tony Webb, has just received a U.S. patent for its innovative design.  A single pod has its own entrance via surface-to-ocean elevator. (Courtesy ...
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Turning Florida Keys Yard Waste To Electricity

An Annapolis firm is turning a Florida community's waste into mulch, with long-term plans of transforming it into electricity. Last year, Energy3 — which designs, builds, operates and finances municipal energy products — became the yard waste hauler for Monroe County, Florida. Currently, the waste is taken to Moore Haven, Florida, where ...
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Little Palm Island Resort & Spa Completes Restoration

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Lower Florida Keys, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa – part of the Noble House Hotels & Resorts collection – has announced the multimillion-dollar revitalization of the iconic 5.5-acre resort and island (www.littlepalmisland.com). “The different elements of this multimillion-dollar renovation all help to layer ...
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Traps for Invasive Lionfish on the Horizon

The fight to control the invasive lionfish is about to get real if Ft. Pierce divers Bob and Maria Hickerson have anything to say about it. Hickerson and his wife — who run a series of highly successful lionfish derbies along Florida’s East Coast — also manufacture a popular line of ...
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Adams Waterway In Key Largo – New Span Planned for Spring

Construction on a new million-dollar bridge to carry pedestrians and bicyclists over "The Cut" through Key Largo likely begins this spring. When finished, the span will cross about 120 feet of water at the Marvin D. Adams Waterway at mile marker 103.6. Monroe County Commissioners will consider contracts for construction of the ...
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Feds Set Boat Fees for Everglades National Park

A mandatory education class for boaters using Florida Bay waters within Everglades National Park will be free but a mandatory boat permit will cost. Those proposals to protect the bay's shallow waters are written into the national park's new management plan but no start dates have been announced. Everglades staff briefed the ...
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Marquesa Hotel Plans $10 Million Expansion in Key West

The Marquesa Hotel will add 14 rooms in a $10 million project by folding in two historic spots and replacing a two-story building at 411 Bahama St. The plan calls for an open-air connecting walkway to link the Pilot House, 414 Simonton St., to the next-door Kerr house, 410 Simonton St., ...
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Feds Try to Clarify Policy on Boating Sailfish

A classic sportfishing photo scene -- a happy angler holding a just-caught sailfish before releasing it -- could become an expensive snapshot. Federal regulations prohibit removing an Atlantic sailfish from the water before a release, National Marine Fisheries Service officials caution. "This is not something new," Randy Blankinship of NMFS' Highly Migratory ...
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Dates for the Cheapest Florida Keys Flights of 2016

If you're planning any Florida Keys Flights this year, check out these deadlines on best dates to fly. Moving an itinerary a single day could make the difference between a fare that's a deal or a deal-breaker. For spring break flights Figure out when spring break week occurs where you live (check ...
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Middle Keys Man Finds Fun Being a Crocodile Response Agent

Wayne Carter may be one of the busiest professionals in the Florida Keys, working as chief executive officer of the Marathon and Lower Keys Association of Realtors. But he's a got a side gig: Working as a crocodile response "agent" for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. "As a teenager, I ...
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The Turtle Hospital Rescues Up Dramatically in 2015

The Turtle Hospital at mile marker 48.5 bayside in Marathon admitted 172 sea turtles last year -- nearly double the number of 2014, hospital staff says. Manager Bette Zirkelbach said cases of fibropapillomatosis, a debilitating herpes virus specific to sea turtles, are increasing, especially among juvenile green sea turtles. "Marine turtles with ...
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Donya Fiorentino – Just a Florida Keys Girl

Tavernier-raised Donya Fiorentino was booked to shoot a Budweiser commercial being filmed at an Islamorada resort after a casting director saw her water-skiing down a ramp at 50 mph when she was 12 years old. And from there, it seemed her life as a sought-after professional model and photographer came ...
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