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Recent Posts

Pigeon Key Foundation Summer Camp 2017

The Summer Camp at Pigeon Key Foundation & Marine Science Center gravitates towards hands-on learning and interaction within the Florida Keys ecosystem, providing campers with a fun and pivotal, one-of-a-kind experience. Summer Camp: Download 2017 Summer Camp Flyer Download 2017 Registration Form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZjANUBprdo PKFMSC offers a variety of marine programs, giving your ...
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Theater Summer Camp 2017 Key West Art and Historical Society

The goal of this Summer camp is to allow students to develop their individual potential through creative exploration in the area of theater arts. The students will write a play, make the costumes and design the set. To add to the magic, musical accompaniment will allow the students to investigate ...
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Summer Camp 2017 Marathon

June 12th – August 11th 8:30am – 5pm Ages 5-13 The cost is $80 per week. (A $20 weekly discount applies to additional family members.) Camp features sports, arts and crafts, and other activities. For info: tubbsa@ci.marathon.fl.us or robinsonj@ci.marathon.fl.us Marathon Community Park 200 36th St Ocean Marathon, FL 33050 Click ...
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Snook Season Closes in All Florida Keys Waters May 1 2017

Snook season will close to all harvest in Gulf state, federal and inland waters, including all of Monroe County and Everglades National Park, starting May 1, 2017. Seasonal harvest closures conserve Florida’s valuable snook populations and help sustain and improve the fishery for the future. Snook is open to harvest ...
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Grouper Fishing Reopens May 1 2017 in The Florida Keys

Anglers grouper fishing in Florida state and federal waters of the Atlantic, including state waters off Monroe County - Florida Keys, will be able to take home some of their catch starting May 1, when the season for several species reopens to recreational and commercial harvest. The following species will ...
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Seacamp 2017 Summer Camp – Big Pine Key

Each of our four Summer Camp sessions is jam packed with exciting adventures in the Florida Keys. Returning campers are recommended to participate in our 18-day sessions to gain the most from their continuing experience. 2017 Dates 18 Day Sessions (Ages 12-17, co-ed) Session 1: June 24th - July 11th Session 2: July ...
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Dolphins Plus Swimming Summer Camp – Key Largo

Dolphin Kids is our weeklong marine science summer camp for kids ages 6 -10, hosted at our beautiful Dolphins Plus Bayside facility. Campers learn about all sorts of subjects, from local ecosystem ecology to dolphin communication and behavior. Best of all, our dolphin camp makes learning fun through hands-on science ...
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The Race Club Swim Summer Camp – Islamorada

The Race Club Swim Summer Camp are unlike any other swim camps or clinics.  Sign up for the sessions you’d like during a camp. We recommend that swimmers attend all camp sessions to gain a comprehensive knowledge of our methodologies to improve your swimming technique. All camps below are open ...
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Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Summer Camp 2017 Key Largo

WHO: Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program is a 501(c)(3) Florida non profit organization dedicated to promoting youth sailing as a safe, fun and competitive sport. It is the only sailing program that provides year round instruction and Summer Camp to kids and teens in the Upper Keys and South Dade ...
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REEF Ocean Explorers Summer Camp 2017 – Key Largo – Islamorada

REEF Ocean Explorers Summer Camp will immerse you into an ocean of learning and fun! Explorers will be exposed to the underwater world, all of its amazing creatures, and a week filled with creative activities and adventures. Discover all that the ocean has to offer and experience conservation actions in ...
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Summer Camps 2017 – Florida Keys Community College

Florida Keys Community College invites kids, tweens, and teens to take part in the FKCC’s Summer Camps.  Campers will have the opportunity to tap their creative talents, explore careers, expand their academic interests, develop technical skills, and make new friends.  Parents and guardians can trust FKCC to deliver a high-quality camp experience ...
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Key Largo Woodrat – National Geographic Society

One animal that comes readily to mind when you think of the term “laboratory animal” is the venerable rat, a rodent that is as ubiquitous as it is reviled. Not all rats are “guinea pigs” for the lab, however. Some are highly prized for their rarity, such as Florida’s Key Largo woodrat. The ...
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Diving Rebreathers What to Know Before You Dive

A major benefit of rebreathers is longer dives because a portion of the gas supply is reused, than when using open circuit scuba tanks. Rebreathers are great for photography because they don’t frighten fish with exhaust sounds. And, they deliver warm, moist breathing gas and a more optimum gas mixture ...
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Florida Keys Sponge – The Keys to the Keys – Video

Prior to the 1990s the Florida Keys sponge community was a lively underwater city for fish and invertebrates. Curious divers could hear the snap, crackle and pop of snapping shrimp. The noisy bottom was a sign of health for the organisms that provide nursery habitat to juvenile marine species. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q69yln-pHA ...
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Acoustic Telemetry Monitor Goliath Grouper Fishing Impacts

Acoustic telemetry is used to measure impacts of catch-and-release fishing on goliath grouper and to determine behavior patterns of this federally protected species. Background Goliath grouper (Serranidae: Epinephelus itajara) occur in tropical and subtropical waters from the west coast of Africa to the east coast of Florida, south to Brazil, ...
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April 2017 – Snorkeling off of Key Largo – 4 Minute Video

Snorkeling off of Key Largo April 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxdRYTVCHcE 2017, Snorkeling off of Key Largo, FL ...
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Giant Tarpon vs Monster Mike – Video

Mike and Bryan spend a day in Islamorada fishing for Giant Tarpon with Capt. Drew Nobregas of Fishy Business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BFgID_C0j0&feature=youtu.be ...
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Catch and Release Fishing – Florida Sea Grant

Why Catch and Release? By adopting just a few simple habits, recreational anglers can greatly increase the chances that the fish they catch and release will survive. Practicing catch and release helps anglers to preserve marine fisheries while enjoying their outdoor fishing experiences. Handling Fish Properly for Catch and Release ...
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Key West Duval Loop Downtown FREE Circulator Bus

The Key West Duval Loop downtown circulator bus will debut at the end of May or early June. The 16-stop free bus designed to eliminate cars and ease congestion in the heart of Key West’s entertainment district has enough drivers and is solely waiting for promotional materials, according to Sustainability ...
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Pirate Humor

Most of what we know about pirates comes from Navy records, newspaper accounts, or eyewitness statements from those whom the pirates spared. The were mostly a ruthless bunch but today we have taken a whimsical approach to their lives with some Pirate Humor. A pirate captain walks into a bar ...
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