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Recent Posts

Sanctuary Reef Exhibit Comes to Islamorada

  Sanctuary Reef, a unique traveling exhibit that gives a shrimp’s eye view of an oversized coral reef, is now on display at Keys History & Discovery Center in Islamorada, through Feb. 28, 2016. This interactive display developed by Mote Marine Laboratory brings the ocean’s coral reefs and vital scientific ...
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Environmental group challenges 2016 Python Challenge

A national environmental group has challenged the 2016 Python Challenge. From Jan. 16 through Feb. 14, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will hold its second competition to remove pythons from public lands in South Florida; this year, hunting grounds have been expanded to include parts of Everglades National ...
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Spiny Lobster Season Starts – Record Harvest Low Prices

The harvest of spiny lobster off the Florida Keys has never been better, but the price fishermen are being paid is down significantly so far because the Asian market has yet to take off this season. The season started earlier this month with trap fishermen catching near record number of ...
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September in the Florida Keys Exciting Events-Special Offers

KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort Villas & Marinas salutes four Florida Keys events in September and offers three compelling reasons to enjoy an end-of-summer escape to the Keys. “September in the Florida Keys is a great time to experience events that can only be found here.” said Sam Schorr, KeysCaribbean managing director ...
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3 Cuban Species in the Florida Keys

Has Cuba impacted our environment? Here are three species that have made the leap. CUBAN BROWN ANOLES This little lizard has an aggressive streak. Swiftly, quietly, the brown anole has overrun Florida. Sometimes called the Cuban anoles, they have become the most abundant vertebrate on Florida land, with recorded populations ...
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Protecting Everglades Park Ends Way of Life for Gladesmen

A new general management plan will phase out private airboat use on 109,000 acres added to the park in 1989 and require commercial operators to come under management of Everglades National Park as concessions. Permits will be given to longtime users but cannot be passed on.  The aging gladesmen of ...
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It’s Florida Lobster Season – Here’s How to Cook Them

There seems to be no debate among Florida lobster aficionados concerning how to cook this delicacy of the sea. "You have got to grill them," said restaurateur Frank Chivas. "There is no other way." But Chivas and his longtime friend Tom Pritchard, the creative force behind many of his restaurants, disagreed ...
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The Nameless Islands

I’m in a kayak, alone and three months pregnant, paddling through jade water, trying to reach an unnamed island off the shore of Big Pine Key, Florida. The mangroves that have waded offshore—tangles of long grey legs topped with a mess of bright green leaves—point me towards a strip of ...
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9 Key West Attractions to Check Out While In Port

Key West is a popular cruise port of call on numerous Caribbean itineraries, and although many travelers flock to busy Duval Street, the area offers cruise passengers outdoor activities and unusual things to do beyond the typical tourist stops. Cruisers will have no problem finding the Ernest Hemingway House and ...
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Under the Sea: 12 Best Snorkel Spots in the U.S.

Summer may be slipping away, but you still have time to slip beneath some waves. The best part is — you don’t even have to leave the country to do it. Yahoo Travel went in search of easily accessible and interesting places to don fins, mask, and snorkels for a ...
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Key Largo Resort Developer Seeks Affordable Housing Units

Playa Largo resort, currently under construction at mile marker 97.4, bayside, is seeking Monroe County Planning Commission approval for 24 off-site affordable housing units to serve as employee residences for its staff. It is also proposing to build 28 single-family homes on the same parcel of land as the two 12-unit ...
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Paddle Board Lobstering – Islamorada

A little video of Red Rum artist Daniel Del Sol murderin' the lobster down in the Florida keys from his paddle board ...
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Florida Keys Kayaking in Islamorada

Tiff, Roger, Jenny and Dan kayaking in the Fla Keys! August 2015 Tour Guide: Kristy (K-Bear) Batista Location: Robbie's Marina/ Back Country Mangroves Critters Seen: Nurse Sharks, Reef Sharks, Osprey, Starfish ...
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80 Years Later: Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935

It was 80 years ago, on Sept. 2, 1935, the fiercest storm (even today) to hit North America, came ashore in Islamorada, wreaking death and destruction from Tavernier to Duck Key. The event marks a significant period in the life of the Upper Keys, a time that should never be ...
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FWC Nab Wildlife Mobsters in Fishing Bust Off Key Largo

  Four Homestead men aboard a 15-foot skiff off North Key Largo were arrested Sunday on multiple conservation charges Sunday, state marine officers report. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers recovered a mesh bag from the bottom of Angelfish Creek, agency spokesman Officer Bobby Dube said. The bag held ...
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FWC Barracuda Meeting in September

A final decision on new rule to protect barracuda in South Florida goes to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission at its Sept. 3 meeting in Fort Lauderdale. Barracuda, a popular catch for Florida Keys flats fishermen and a familiar sight to Keys divers and flats fishermen, currently lack harvest ...
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Planning Commish Wants Discussion on Lobster Mini-Season

A push to end lobster mini-season in Florida Keys waters drew the notice of Monroe County Planning Commissioners on July 29. Planning Commissioner William Wiatt urged his fellow commissioners to speak to Monroe County commissioners in support of "a working group ... to discuss and evaluate the current regulations, specifically ...
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The Changing Florida Keys Business Climate

Generally speaking, the Florida Keys business market is made of small businesses. Up and down the island chain, mom-and-pop establishments connect the business landscape the same way our mangroves anchor our islands. But recently on both a local and national scale, there's been a rebirth in the small-business-for-sale market, as ...
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Experts Look to See if Parrotfish Harm or Help Corals

Jacksonville University researchers have embarked on a study of critical importance to scientists rearing and out-planting coral on the Florida Keys reef. Mote Marine Laboratory, the Coral Restoration Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have spent millions of dollars rearing and out-planting coral on ...
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No easy Answers for Florida Keys Derelict Vessel Problem

State marine officers pointed to notorious derelict-vessel cases in Florida Keys waters as prime examples of the need for new rules. "We see a lot of red dots in Monroe County," said State Rep. Holly Raschein (R-Key Largo), referring to a state map showing 304 derelict vessels off Florida shores ...
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