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Florida Keys Recipes

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Keys Cuisine

The Florida Keys enjoy a warm tropical climate and are surrounded by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Is is no wonder the local cuisine largely consists of fresh seafood and tropical fruits. Many of the recipes have Bahamian and Caribbean roots with spicy tropical flavors you have come to enjoy.

Following are a sampling of some of my favorite foods with links to pages with more recipes.

Key Lime Pie

The Famous Florida Keys Dessert made from a small tart citrus fruit that is sure to please.

Queen Conch

Pronounced “konk” (like honk) this large sea snail has long been a food staple throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas and is the namesake for local natives and of course the “Conch Republic“.

Florida Lobster

The Florida lobster or Spiny Crawfish (Palinurus argus) is related to crabs, shrimp, and other lobsters. The Florida lobster is caught off the Florida Keys and around the southern tip of the state. They are available fresh from August thru April.

Stone Crab

An increasingly popular seafood available from mid-October thru Mid May. Only the large claws are harvested and the sweet meat commands a high but worthy price.

Catch of the Day Fresh Fish

With variety such as; Grouper (including Red, Black, Snowy and Gag among others), Dolphin (also known as Mahi Mahi and Dorado), Mackerel (including Spanish, Cero and King), Yellowfin & Blackfin Tuna, Hogfish (Sometimes listed as Hog Snapper but actually in the Wrasse family, if you see this on the menu or in the seafood market you must try it) and Snapper (including Yellowtail, Mangrove or Grey, Mutton, Red and Schoolmaster) it is no wonder there are so many great seafood recipes to choose from.

Key West Pink Shrimp

Yes, I know you have had shrimp but until you have tried Key West Pink Shrimp you have not yet enjoyed the best shrimp.

Other Fun Foods

Included are some unusual foods such as Aligator and Iguana as well as some just for fun recipes for Key Deer and Manatee.