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Recent Posts

Treats from the Sea Are the Stars of Florida Keys Cuisine

In the Florida Keys & Key West, fresh seafood is a must for just about every meal. And with the abundance of fish and seafood in Keys waters, most restaurants along the island chain make it a menu staple. It’s easy to find just-off-the-boat snapper, grouper and mahi-mahi served grilled, ...
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Recreational – Commercial Spiny Lobster Season Opens August 6 

The recreational and commercial spiny lobster season starts Aug. 6 and runs through March 31.  Learn more about bag limits, size limits, where to harvest, and other regulations at MyFWC.com/Marine by clicking on “Recreational Regulations” and “Lobster,” which is under the “Crabs, Lobster and other Shellfish” tab. If you plan to lobster ...
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Be Aware of Alligators and Crocodiles

With summer in full swing, many people are working and recreating near Florida’s lakes, rivers and wetland areas. Warm temperatures also mean alligators and crocodiles are more active and visible. While serious injuries caused by alligators and crocodiles are rare in Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) ...
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FWC Approves Final Rule Establishing an At-Risk Vessel Turn-In Program

At its July meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved the final rule establishing a statewide Vessel Turn-In Program (VTIP) as part of the Derelict Vessel Prevention Program. The new rule will create a voluntary program to remove at-risk vessels before they become derelict, which helps Florida’s ...
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Catching Florida Keys Spiny Crawfish – Lobster

Lobstering in the Florida Keys is a great way to get fresh seafood. The Florida Keys are home to some of the best Spiny Crawfish or lobster in the world. The lobster here are caught in the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay, and Gulf of Mexico. They are known for their sweet ...
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Be a Hero for Beach-Nesting Birds

This Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reminds beachgoers how to help protect vulnerable beach-nesting birds while enjoying Florida’s coastal habitats this holiday weekend. Each spring and summer, shorebirds and seabirds rely on Florida’s sandy beaches for critical nesting habitat. Everyone headed to our shorelines this weekend can make ...
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Barotrauma in Reef Fish – Right Tool and Technique Makes a Difference

If you’re fishing for reef fish this season, be sure to look for signs of barotrauma and be prepared to act. Barotrauma, or injuries caused by pressure changes, occur when fish are rapidly brought to the surface from depths 50 feet or greater. Signs of barotrauma include the stomach coming ...
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Synchronized Coral Spawning Florida Keys Reefs

Divers interested in viewing the underwater phenomenon of coral spawning can join Florida Keys dive operators during select coral spawning charters — twilight trips to shallow reefs on or around the full moons in August and September to watch the reproductive action along the continental United States’ only living coral ...
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Help Nesting Sea Turtles by Respecting Their Nests

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reminds the public that we can help sea turtles have a successful nesting season by giving them space, removing beach furniture at night, keeping beaches clean and dark, and never disturbing their nests. Sea turtles and their nests are protected under state ...
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July 4 Festivities for the Family in the Florida Keys

Local parades, beach parties and on-the-water fun topped off by fireworks displays are to highlight Independence Day celebrations throughout the Florida Keys. As well as an annual salute to the United States’ freedom, some activities surrounding the July 4 holiday also illustrate the island chain’s quirky independent spirit. Highlights include: ...
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Return ‘Em Right

FWC Return ‘Em Right Conserve Our Fisheries

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is celebrating the launch of Return ‘Em Right, a multi-entity effort in the Gulf of Mexico led by Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida, Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, NOAA Fisheries, and a coalition of anglers, industry groups, universities, government and non-government organizations committed to maintaining ...
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June 4 Coralpalooza Combine Diving in Florida Keys and Land-Based Fun

In recognition of World Oceans Day promoting ocean preservation, Key Largo’s Coral Restoration Foundation is hosting its annual Coralpalooza Saturday, June 4, featuring in-person reef diving spanning from Key Largo to Key West. Coralpalooza is one of the world’s largest coral restoration efforts, and helps raise awareness about the importance of the ...
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FWC Approves Redfish Rule Changes in State Waters 

At its May meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved proposed management regions and regulation changes for redfish in state waters.  The proposed rule changes would:  Modify the redfish management regions. (See figure 1) Prohibit captain and crew from retaining a bag limit when on a for-hire ...
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FWC Approves Cobia Rule Changes in State Waters 

At its May meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved regulation changes for cobia in state waters. Changes effective July 1, 2022, include:  Increasing the minimum size limit from 33 inches to 36 inches fork length for all state waters. Reducing the commercial bag limit from two ...
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FWC Modifies 2022 Blueline Tilefish Recreational Season for Atlantic State Waters 

At its May meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved a temporary modification to the 2022 recreational blueline tilefish season in Atlantic state waters. The 2022 recreational season for blueline tilefish will be open May 1 - July 25 in state waters, closing July 26. Typically, the blueline tilefish ...
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Big Pine Key Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 7

Monroe County Fire Rescue and the Florida Forest Service are co-hosting Big Pine Key Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 7 from 10 a.m. to noon at Station 13, 390 Key Deer Blvd., Big Pine Key. Both organizations are partnering with the National Fire Protection Association to promote simple tips ...
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Grouper Hogfish and Blueline Tilefish seasons reopen May 1 in Atlantic 

The following species of Grouper Hogfish and Blueline Tilefish seasons reopen May 1 in Atlantic waters. will reopen to recreational harvest May 1 in Florida state and federal waters of the Atlantic: hogfish; blueline tilefish; gag, black, red, yellowmouth and yellowfin grouper; scamp; red hind; rock hind; coney; and graysby ...
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Stone crab season ends May 2 Florida Keys

Florida’s recreational and commercial stone crab season in state and federal waters will end on May 2, with the last day of harvest being May 1. Commercially harvested stone crab claws may be possessed and sold during the closed season but only if they have been placed in inventory prior to ...
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New Dolphinfish Recreational Regs May 1 in Atlantic State Waters

Starting May 1, the following regulations will go into effect for recreational harvest of dolphinfish in Atlantic state waters. Five fish per person daily recreational bag limit. 30 fish per vessel private recreational daily vessel limit. These new regulations are a proactive conservation measure intended to help address stakeholder concerns ...
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426 Invasive Lionfish Collected During Earth Day Lionfish Derby

Thanks to the recent efforts of four local divers, there are several hundred less invasive lionfish wreaking havoc on Florida Keys reefs. Team Forever Young, consisting of Tony Young, Jason Vogan, Jeff Tharp, and Luke Rankin, collected 426 invasive lionfish while participating in the 2022 Earth Day “Locals” Lionfish Derby, ...
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