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April Keys News

Florida Keys Development News


Monroe County Commissioner nominated for 2006 Nobel Prize.

The 2006 Nobel Prize for Architecture Design for Developers of Natural Treasures, last given to Lipra Solof, may go to Commissioner Nelson.

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Key West, the Resort

Dubai one of the richest countries in the Middle East, despite only having a population of 1 million, has purchased the entire island of Key West. Reports have surfaced of plans for the Largest Island Condo/Resort in the World.

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Florida Keys Nature News


World record Kingfish under investigation

Reports of use, by Key West’s Stelph brothers, of a Secret Fish Attractant to catch their record breaking kingfish last year in the tournament may taint record.

Hurricane Katrina Spawns Giant Lobsters

Local guide reports Giant Spiny Lobsters chasing divers. Some as big as six feet long invading the shallows around Big Pine Key.

PETA approves FWC Test to Eliminate Exotics in Florida Keys

The test involves introducing a genetically altered version of the bird flu that would infect any non-vaccinated wildlife and result in sterility.

Mutant Pine Beetles Threaten Big Pine Key

A mutant strain of pine beetle is wreaking havoc on the islands most luxurious homes, and sparking a response far more furious than any directed at the pests chewing up the pine trees.


Florida Keys Political News

Key West Mayor to use drunks pay off recent court judgements

Following the Texas law Keys Drunks to be cited and fined. Huge monetary windfall predicted.

Spy Poles helped Trump win Presidency

Democratic Cell Phone conversations to be monitored with the new Traffic Spy Poles.

Mom-and-pop shops banned in Islamorada

Finally realizing that big-box stores are the “wave of the future” and “there’s no need for anything else” Islamorada Village council Friday banned new Mom-and-Pop stores from now until global warming makes the islands a memory.