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These days, saltwater fishing has become a highly-specialized sport. Most anglers either fish inshore or offshore, unless they are fortunate enough to own two boats. Many inshore anglers around the Florida Keys target specific species, such as tarpon, bonefish, permit, snook or redfish. Of those, redfish and bonefish anglers need the boats that allow access to the shallowest water.

Several manufacturers are building ultra-skinny boats that are sometimes called technical poling skiffs, which are also great in the Florida Keys for bonefish and permit.

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Please Boat Safely

Did you say there were a lot of boats on the water last weekend?

Some Facts

There are approximately 26,500 boats registered in Monroe County.
There are approximately 76,000 people living in Monroe County.
There are approximately 40 bridges making up the Overseas Hwy.
There are approximately 120 miles from North Key Largo to Key West.

Some Results

That is one boat for every 3 residents!
Or, over 600 boats per bridge!
Or, over 200 boats per mile!

IF they averaged 25′ in length and you lined them up with 1 boat length between each they would run from Key Largo to Key West on the bayside and back again on the ocean side!

Talk about a Conch Republic Blockade!

And these figures don’t take into account all the visiting boats registered elsewhere!

Boating Clubs

Key West Sail & Power Squadron

We are a non-profit boating safety, educational, and social organization active in the Florida Keys from the seven-mile bridge to Key West. Our members participate in educational, civic service, and social activities on-the-water and ashore. Whether you have a fishing boat, sailboat, cruiser, or even a run-about, you will benefit from the boating courses that we offer! We provide public classes in safe boating that meet Florida state requirements. We offer members advanced courses in Seamanship, Navigation, Weather, Piloting, Engine Maintenance and many others. We also offer Vessel Safety Checks free of charge. This is a good way to make sure your vessel complies with federal and state safety requirements. To set up a free inspection, contact us at 305-294-0096.

Marathon Sail & Power Squadron

Anyone interested in boating activities or boating safety is eligible to join our Marathon Sail and Power Squadron. Although our boating classes are very worthwhile, they are not a prerequisite for membership. Remember – boating is fun – we’ll show you how! Just click on the link above to send the Commander an email if you’re interested in membership, or call at the number listed below for an application and information.

The Marathon Power Squadron was chartered in March, 1956. The Squadron hails from the Central Florida Keys, just east of the famous 7-Mile Bridge. Most of the membership is from the Central and Upper Keys. General Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, Sept-May. The Brady Building – located at 12 Loggerhead Lane in Marathon, behind the Panda-House Restaurant which is across from PUBLIX Grocery. (Turn onto 52nd St Gulfside, then the 1st turn to the right onto Loggerhead)

Upper Keys Sailing Club

The Upper Keys Sailing Club is located on Buttonwood Sound in tropical Key Largo, Florida. The club is located on approximately an acre of bay front property. The facility includes a “conch” style clubhouse, dockmasters’ cottage, Quonset hut that houses a work bench area and spar storage area. There is a dry storage area for the club’s Flying Scot and Sunfish fleets and a deepwater dockage with 22 slips. The club currently has two Flying Scots and several Sunfish and Prams available for members’ use. The clubhouse has a complete kitchen and full bar.

Key West Community Sailing Center

Dedicated to learning, teaching and enjoying the great sport of sailing in a low key, stress free fun environmen


Keys Kayaking


Florida Bay Outfitters – Key Largo

Our Florida Key Kayak and Canoe Center has one of the largest kayak, canoe and accessory selections for sale or rent in the State. Our on-the-water tropical Key Largo location gives our customers the opportunity to try-before-you-buy year round.

Marathon Kayak

Marathon Kayak is a family-owned and operated kayaking outfitter that offers kayak rentals, guided kayak tours, specialty kayak trips, kayak sales, and kayaking instruction. Located in Marathon, Florida, U.S.A., in the heart of the beautiful Florida Keys. We are dedicated to providing you with a fun and memorable kayaking experience.

Florida Keys Kayak Tours and Rentals – Big Pine Key

Our Kayak tours are a great way to experience the varied Wildlife and Marine life of the National Marine Sanctuary, Great White Heron Refuge and National Key Deer Refuge which encompass all of the area we call our “backyard”..these Backcountry waters and Oceanside flats are simply beautiful…Mangrove Islands abound and the water is “gin clear” and hold some of the most rare and beautiful Marine Life, Birds & Flora in the U.S.

Big Pine Kayak Adventures

Captain Bill Keogh has lived in the lower keys for more than two decades and has made his living on or in these waters as a naturalist guide, educator and professional photographer. He has been published in numerous books, magazines and publications throughout the world and co-produced the book written by Jeff Ripple on the natural history of the Florida keys. National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife fund, Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges, and many others have used his images.

Reflections Nature Tours Big Pine Key

REFLECTIONS is a small Nature Tour and Kayaking Company that has specialized in personalized and informative tours since 1991. We are located on Big Pine Key; 30 miles from Key West, 15 miles from Marathon, and 150 miles from Miami International Airport. We are a mobile company that trailers our Kayaks to a variety of tour locations in the Lower Keys, taking advantage of the tides and prevailing winds.

Key West Kayak Fishing

The Florida Keys are one of the world’s premier fishing destinations. These warm, calm and clear waters are legendary for their rich marine life. Join us as we explore some of these fishing grounds—from the flats to the mangrove islands—aboard kayaks specially designed for fishing and eco-touring. Our kayaks are long and stable with built in rod holders and rudders. Your guide will provide the rods, reels, tackle, & bait.

You might be a boater if …

Your boat is worth more than your car.

You paid more for a radio for the boat than you spent for anniversary presents.

You keep a tide chart in your car.

You build a 2 car garage addition and you still can’t park your car inside.

Driving 800 miles for a weekend fishing trip doesn’t seem strange to you.

You can’t drive over a bridge without checking out the water under it.

You leave your glasses strap on at night.

Even in the dead of winter, you never actually lose the PFD tan lines…

You have friends (that you even may have known a while) that you don’t recognize without their pfd or boat ensemble.

Your wife says you love your boat and your boat’n buddies more than her, and she sounds just like your first wife…and your second

You tie down the boat better than you seat belt in the kids.

You’ve tied up your mate using either a bowlin or half-hitch.

Your friends or relatives are shocked when you answer the phone at home on a weekend.

You build your new house as close as possible to the nearest boat ramp.

You highlight the highest tides of year on your chart.

You find yourself humming Weather Channel tunes.

You can ID make and model on a trailered boat at a quarter mile.

Waterproof means “a little damp” or “might-float”.

You use a river trip to rinse seaweed, sand, and salt from your boat.

It takes longer and longer to get your “land legs” back. Solid ground “feels funny”.