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Using Tech to Corral Florida’s Scary Invasive Species

This large Burmese python, weighing 162 pounds and more than 15 feet long at the time of its capture in 2009, was caught alive in Everglades National Park and was found to have eaten an American alligator that measured about 6 feet in length. University of Florida researchers in the ...
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Historic Oil Meeting in Cuba set for October

A first-of-its kind oil summit in Cuba organized by U.S. energy-industry heavy hitters is expected in October. The meeting, set for Havana from Oct. 18-21, comes amid loosening tensions and expanding diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba. "The symposium is both historic and unique, the first-ever bringing together ...
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Beautiful – Destructive Lionfish Resorting to Cannibalism

Efforts to tame Florida’s invasive lionfish haven’t worked. Now these venomous fish are eating each other, though it probably won't reduce their numbers substantially. Watch divers and researchers fight the invasive lionfish in Florida's coastal waters. By Katie Pyzyk, National Geographic PUBLISHED JULY 23, 2015 CONCH KEY, Florida—Fisherman Gary Nichols, ...
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Austrailians Recommend Visits to the Florida Keys # 5

Idyllic life ... relax in Key West, Florida. Picture: Getty 5. Barefoot in the keys Some say the best thing about Miami is the road leading out of it, because that road leads to the laid-back Florida Keys, a string of gorgeous islands laced together by 175km of bridges and causeways ...
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12 Great Kayak Outings in the Florida Keys

Kayak Florida Keys. There are literally hundreds of places to launch a kayak, a canoe or a paddle board in the Florida Keys, whether your intend to explore the ocean, the shallow waters of Florida Bay or the many hidden creeks and channels unique to these islands. On many stretches of ...
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Women Divers United in Florida Keys Conservation

Women divers from all around the globe celebrated Professional Association of Diving Instructors Women’s Dive Day last Saturday by participating in a variety of specialized events. The emphasis of the global movement was to get as many women as possible diving on the same day to build awareness, create interest ...
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Get Ready for the Onslaught of Lobster Hunters

Danger time for Florida Keys spiny lobster arrives Wednesday and Thursday when an estimated 30,000 divers here don masks and fins for lobster mini-season. Source: Get ready for the onslaught of lobster hunters ...
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Family of Doctor Who Treated Lincoln Assassin Visit Prison

About 80 descendants of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd marked Friday's 150th anniversary of Mudd's July 24, 1865, arrival at an isolated Gulf of Mexico fort. Source: Family of Doctor Who Treated Lincoln Assassin Visit Prison ...
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Crowds Expected for ‘Bug’ Hunting – Lobster Mini-Season

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary officials are encouraging divers and snorkelers to have a low-impact lobster mini-season when they take to the waters on Wednesday and Thursday in search of bugs. Lobster mini-season, commonly referred to as sport season, is one of the busiest times on the ocean in the ...
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Florida Amberjack Season Reopens August 1

While technically considered a “reef fish,” amberjack are generally found in deep water (at least 20 miles offshore) over wrecks and freshwater springs. While there are more than 140 members of the jack family, about a dozen of these species, including jack crevalle, pompano and permit, are familiar to Florida ...
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Mote Scientists Grow Coral Faster in the Florida Keys

Mote scientists at the Key West laboratory have discovered a faster way to grow coral. By Randi Nissenbaum, Reporter Coral is a vital part of the oceans eco system. Without it most marine life could not survive. That’s why Mote Marine scientists have been working hard to preserve the fragile marine ...
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Key Largo Anything that Floats Race

It’s crazy and fun — an event for everyone! Grab your oars and anything that floats and come on down and enjoy this family-fun Key Largo festival, Anything that Floats Race on Blackwater Sound, mile marker 104, bayside in Key Largo, Florida Keys. The fun begins from Sundowners Dock, mm ...
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New and Old Rules in Place for Lobster Mini-season

Lionfish add a new wrinkle in rules for the 2015 lobster mini-season Wednesday and Thursday. In the one significant change to traditional lobster rules for the sport season, divers who harvest 10 lionfish [you don't have to stop at 10!] will be allowed to take one -- and only one ...
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That is One Grumpy Looking Blue Chromis

"Dude, that's one grumpy looking fish," said the mate as I showed him the image on my camera. "But," I replied, "It’s a variety of damsel fish." "Don't look ladylike to me," he said. "Still say it's a nasty looking fish dude" Just to make sure the mate just wasn’t having ...
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Lionfish control efforts getting a boost from other lionfish

The lionfish is a highly-destructive non-native species in the Gulf of Mexico, which has few natural predators except, apparently, other lionfish. Source: Lionfish control efforts getting a boost from other lionfish | ...
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Legend Lives on as Key West Honors Ernest Hemingway

Marcus D’Angelo and Mike Hogan look nothing like Ernest Hemingway, but that didn’t stop the Missouri teachers from donning the requisite khaki safari garb, ordering two Cuba Libres at Sloppy Joe’s and paying homage to the famed author Tuesday afternoon. “Look at us,” D’Angelo said, running a hand through a ...
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Cuban Government Still Owns the San Carlos

A stately edifice on Key West's Duval Street with high arches, a wide wrought-iron balcony, and large windows shaded by wooden louvers, the building that houses the San Carlos Institute is the property of the Cuban Government, a situation that has remained unchanged since long before the revolution of the ...
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Wily Florida Lobster Can be Elusive

The antennae sticking out of the hole gave the creature away. So with great caution and care, I placed my tickle stick behind the Florida Lobster and tried to gently coax it into my net. But with one flip of its tail, it shot out between my legs like a ...
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Regional Effort Aims for Rare Butterfly’s Resurgence

BY BRIAN BOWDEN Free Press Staff The Upper Keys is playing a role in an effort by the National Park Service to bolster the population of the federally protected Schaus swallowtail butterfly on Biscayne National Park’s Elliott Key. The 4-year-old restoration project has three simple goals: remove invasive species from ...
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Smathers Beach – Key West

Key West's manmade strand, built with sand brought in from the Bahamas in 1961, offers a rare stretch of white sand among the Keys' otherwise-rocky shores. The vibe of downtown Duval Street extends to this beach, where the people-watching and socializing are just as important as the sun and waves ...
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