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Florida Keys Summer Camps Welcome Kids

A new summer day camp in Key Largo invites youths to make a splash. The REEF Ocean Explorers Summer Camp, based at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, will be the first youth program launched by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. Five-day sessions for kids ages 8 to 14 years ...
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Hens & Chickens Perfect for New and Veteran Divers

It’s a beautiful spring day on the ocean. I do “giant stride” off the back of the dive boat into the water, reach up to the dive master who hands me my camera, turn and slowly descend down the water. I am feeling mellow and a song composed in 1934 ...
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Workshops Teach Divers to Hunt Invasive Lionfish

Here’s something you don’t see every day: divers and marine conservationists hunting one of the world’s most beautiful fishes. As unlikely as this may seem, this scene is becoming more prevalent since the introduction of exotic lionfish in the Gulf States. Lionfish are an invasive species from the Indo Pacific ...
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Stone-crab – Healthy Harvest, Prices Booming

Fishermen are still pulling traps in the final two weeks of stone-crab season, but early indications suggest a step toward a return to normal harvests. "Late-season production has stepped up which could bring us close to a number in the range of a normal season," Bill Kelly, executive director of ...
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Wrestling With Giants in the Florida Keys

By Scott Mackenthun “Bow to the king,” advises fishing guide Rick Stancyk. His advice is a simple reminder that when tarpon jump, you should drop your rod tip and give slack so the hook doesn’t pull out, in effect bowing when the powerful fish pushes through a series of leaps ...
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‘Bloodline’ fan’s guide to the Florida Keys

If you are a fan of Netflix's "Bloodline" but aren't quite as well acquainted with the Florida Keys, here is a rundown of some of the locations. Want to track down where the Rayburns live, work, eat, and play? Here’s a spoiler-free tour of “Bloodline” locations. “We’re not bad people, but ...
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Paddlers to Race Around the Island of Key West

The 12-mile distance around the island of Key West is to become a saltwater race course for competitors on paddleboards and self-propelled watercraft during the 2015 Key West Paddle Classic. The race is scheduled May 2, with accompanying events for participants April 30 through May 3. The challenge is open ...
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Grouper Season Opens May 1 in the Florida Keys

Some fishermen say it is better than Christmas The past few months have been a busy time for Florida Keys Reel Adventures Charter Fisherman Kevin Johnsen, mostly catching yellowtail with snowbirds or taking spring breakers on novice spear and free diving classes to the reef. But, with Friday, May 1 ...
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Storm Trysail Club Takes Over Quantum Key West Race Week

Quantum Key West Race Week will continue thanks to the organizational expertise of a new ownership group and the ongoing support of its title sponsor – Quantum Sail Design Group. The Storm Trysail Club is pleased to announce that it has come to an agreement with Premiere Racing to take ...
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Florida Keys’ 1st 2 Canal Cleanups Under Way

A major Key Largo canal restoration project puts material in while a Big Pine Key canal project will take it out. Different canal systems have different problems, says Rhonda Haag, who oversees Monroe County's $5 million pilot program to improve water quality in Keys canals. At Sexton Cove Canal 29, ...
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