Prepare for Low-Impact Lobstering

Lobster season is one of the busiest times in the Florida Keys, as thousands of visitors and residents hit the waters in search of one of their favorite delicacies, the Florida spiny lobster. With smart choices, you can lower your impact on sensitive coral reefs and other natural resources that you are here to enjoy. … Read more

Bridge Fishing the Florida Keys

One lazy night a few friends and I made a spontaneous decision to drive to the Florida Keys for some Bridge Fishing. Our quest to cure boredom has since turned into frequent trips in search of tarpon, snapper, grouper and other great fish. What sounded crazy then—to drive about three hours to the Keys for one … Read more

Fishing Makes You A Better Person

Fishing is one of the most accessible outdoor sports. Nearly anyone, no matter age, income level or even fitness ability, can easily participate. And the sport is no longer the boys’ club it was once thought of either. Of the 46 million Americans who fish today, over one third of them are women, according to … Read more

Harvest Limits Coming for Barracuda

BY KEVIN WADLOW Barracuda are toothy predators. New rules governing their harvest are coming. New commercial and recreational bag limits for barracuda passed a first hearing of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at the board’s Sarasota session. “A pretty broad swath of the recreational-fishing community showed up and everybody was on board … Read more

Dolphin Fish Harvest Closing for Commercial Fishermen

BY KEVIN WADLOW Commercial fishermen have protested a federal closure to the Atlantic dolphin fishery that’s effective this coming Tuesday for the seafood industry. Recreational anglers can continue catching legal-size dolphin, also known as mahi-mahi, with daily limits of 10 per person, up to 60 per boat. No freshly caught dolphin can be sold … Read more

Key West Fishing Legend Ralph Delph

Legendary Key West light-tackle guide captain Ralph Delph retired from charter fishing just about a year ago, but it’s highly unlikely that some up-and-comer will top most of the 70-year-old’s accomplishments. He guided anglers to at least 127 IGFA-certified world records. He landed four giant bluefin tuna over 1,000 pounds (including one weighing 1,154) on … Read more

The Best Florida Keys Lionfish Killers

By Kevin Wadlow Dropping 80 to 100 feet under the ocean surface to start her day’s work, Rachel Lynn Bowman often zeroes in on several invasive lionfish. “It’s a double-edged sword when we see a lot of them,” Bowman said Friday. “I know it’s going to be a good payday. Then I think: What … Read more

Wrestling With Giants in the Florida Keys

By Scott Mackenthun “Bow to the king,” advises fishing guide Rick Stancyk. His advice is a simple reminder that when tarpon jump, you should drop your rod tip and give slack so the hook doesn’t pull out, in effect bowing when the powerful fish pushes through a series of leaps. Stancyk is a second-generation fishing … Read more

New Artificial Reefs Still Possible in the Florida Keys

By Kevin Wadlow New artificial reefs may yet find a place in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary waters, says the chairman of a new sanctuary working group. “I think there is a real appetite out there for properly done artificial reefs,” said Joe Weatherby, a dive captain who spearheaded the sinking of the 524-foot … Read more

Florida Supreme Court Keeps Gill Net Ban

Good news last week for mullet, the bigger fish that eat them, and the recreational fishers who catch them both: the Florida Supreme Court upheld netting restrictions adopted by constitutional amendment in 1994. Florida’s high court rejected a petition by the Wakulla Fishermen’s Association to overturn an appeals court ruling affirming a ban on gill … Read more