Chicken Of The Trees Iguana Recipe Ideas

There is a lot of discussion about iguanas in the South Florida landscape. This exotic species is not native to FL but has been in the state for a while. These creatures are a unique part of our Broward environment. Like it or not, we are forced to share our living space with them. Some … Read more

Florida Considers Putting Burmese Python on the Menu

Non-native Burmese python caught in Big Cypress, Florida – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission /Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission People in Florida may have an unusual delicacy to sample, pending a state review of whether they are safe for consumption, CNN reported on Sunday: Burmese pythons. Burmese pythons are an invasive species in the Florida … Read more

IveGot1 – ID and Report Invasive Species in Florida

IveGot1 brings the power of EDDMapS to your iPhone. Now you can submit invasive species observations directly with your iPhone from the field. These reports are uploaded to EDDMapS and e-mailed directly to local and state verifiers for review. IveGot1 was developed by the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health through … Read more

Lionfish Challenge

23,451 Invasive Lionfish Removed!Congratulations to this year’s Lionfish Challenge top prize winners:• Most lionfish removed recreational category:Ken Ayers, Lionfish King = 1,194 removed• Most lionfish removed commercial category:Joshua Livingston = 3,192.8 lbs. removed• Largest lionfish category:Ron Surrency, Duval County, 17.04 inches (433 mm)• Smallest lionfish category:Nikkie Cox, Franklin County, 1.45 inches (37 mm) How to … Read more

FKNMS Lionfish Removal Permits

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary encourages the safe removal of invasive lionfish from its waters and issues lionfish removal permits to divers for the collection of lionfish from Sanctuary Preservation Areas (SPAs). The permit allows lionfish to be removed from the SPAs, which are otherwise no-fishing, no-take zones, with hand nets or slurp guns only. Spearguns or … Read more

FWC Takes Steps to Combat Invasive Species

Florida’s native fish and wildlife are facing a serious threat posed by a variety of invasive species found throughout the state. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is taking steps to combat the introduction and spread of these non-native animals. Today, the Commission voted to approve a reorganization of rules related to non-native … Read more

Whopping 8,089 at Lionfish Removal off Pensacola

Successful is too small of a word to describe the second annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day Festival May 14-15. In Pensacola alone, 8,089 lionfish were removed in only two days at the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition Tournament. More than 7,000 people (more than double last year’s numbers) attended the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation … Read more

FWC Approves 2-part Lionfish removal effort for 2016

At its April 13 meeting in Jupiter, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved a two-part lionfish removal plan to further encourage removals of the invasive species in 2016. Lionfish have a potential negative impact on native wildlife and habitat and the FWC encourages divers and anglers to remove them from Florida waters … Read more

Traps for Invasive Lionfish on the Horizon

The fight to control the invasive lionfish is about to get real if Ft. Pierce divers Bob and Maria Hickerson have anything to say about it. Hickerson and his wife — who run a series of highly successful lionfish derbies along Florida’s East Coast — also manufacture a popular line of lionfish harvesting gear, including … Read more

Only Licensed ‘Removal Agents’ to Hunt Pythons in Everglades

Python Challenge hunters planning to prowl the pinelands, mangroves and sloughs of Everglades National Park this winter should think again. Any pythons rounded up inside the national park’s boundaries must be taken alive by a specially authorized “python removal agent,” a National Park Service regional director said in a Sept. 25 letter. Apparently that applies to … Read more

Environmental group challenges 2016 Python Challenge

A national environmental group has challenged the 2016 Python Challenge. From Jan. 16 through Feb. 14, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will hold its second competition to remove pythons from public lands in South Florida; this year, hunting grounds have been expanded to include parts of Everglades National Park. Public Employees for Environmental … Read more