Lionfish Challenge

23,451 Invasive Lionfish Removed!
Congratulations to this year’s Lionfish Challenge top prize winners:
• Most lionfish removed recreational category:
Ken Ayers, Lionfish King = 1,194 removed
• Most lionfish removed commercial category:
Joshua Livingston = 3,192.8 lbs. removed
• Largest lionfish category:
Ron Surrency, Duval County, 17.04 inches (433 mm)
• Smallest lionfish category:
Nikkie Cox, Franklin County, 1.45 inches (37 mm)

How to Fillet a Lionfish – Video

Final Stats:
• 23,451 lionfish removed
• 349 people registered
• 148 people submitted lionfish (134 recreational, 14 commercial)

Invasive Venomous Lionfish Killing Atlantic Reefs – Please Eat It

As always, thanks to our sponsors of the Lionfish Challenge (May 18-Sept. 2): American Sportfishing Association, Yamaha Motor Company, Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County and National Marine Manufacturers Association, Florida Underwater Sports, Toothless Life, Lionator Pole Spears, Neritic Diving, Stream2Sea, ZooKeeper and Customatic Optics.

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