National Iguana Awareness Day September 8

National Iguana Awareness Day

Iguana Awareness Day is the ideal opportunity to learn about keeping your iguana tame and friendly, how to care for its health and personal grooming, and how to house it comfortably. With the proper care and attention, an iguana can be a wonderful and rewarding pet for many years.

Here are some interesting Iguana facts:

  • Iguanas can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes.
  • They will often jump from tree to water using their powerful tail for swimming to escape. They are also able to leap down 40-50 feet without injury.
  • To attract a mate, mature males may turn orange during breeding season.
  • Iguanas store large amounts of fat in their lower jaw and neck area to survive times of famine.
  • The pouch at the base of their neck is called a dewlap and is used in the display.
  • Their tail has weakened vertebrae so the iguana can break free and escape if caught by the tail.
  • Iguanas are also able to whip their tail in defense, leaving behind a stinging welt or worse.
  • When cornered, iguanas may lash out to defend themselves. Iguanas have sharp teeth, sharp spines that run down their back, and powerful tails.
  • Marine iguanas find food by scraping algae from rocks or by eating seaweed.
  • The iguana’s stronger skull bone may explain why some iguanas can fall from great heights and survive relatively unscathed. The green iguana, for instance, has been observed falling from as high as 12 meters and surviving.

Source: National Iguana Awareness Day: Fascinating facts about the reptile


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