Key West Faces Rising Seas With Plans For Resiliency

When it comes to sea level rise, Key West is pretty much as vulnerable as it gets. The island’s average elevation is less than five feet above sea level. A tide gauge at Key West Harbor tracks the steady rising seas over the last century. But it’s the intermittent and increasing cases of nuisance flooding … Read more

Fish Pee – Number 1 Nutrient for Coral Reefs

“It’s kind of a funny thing to say that we would conserve for fish pee,” says study author Jake Allgeier, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington. “But it is hopefully setting a precedent to think about these reefs differently.” Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman emperor Vespasian taxed the sale of human urine, then a … Read more

Celebrations Highlight Florida Keys Earth Day 2018

Every day is full of natural wonders throughout the Florida Keys, known for their sweeping, scenic backdrops of earth, sea and sky. Throughout April, Keys visitors and residents can celebrate Florida Keys Earth Day with unique outdoor activities to be experienced only in the Florida Keys. This year’s Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. The Florida Keys & Key … Read more

FAVOR Florida Keys – Outdoor Fest!

Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges’ Outdoor Fest – March 10-17, 2017 –  is a celebration of the unique plant and animal species and rare habitats that are found only in the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges. Guided walks, bike rides, kayak excursions, photography workshops, ‘Nature Therapy’, plus an interesting lecture series, and more let you see the refuges … Read more

TDC Grant Money to Improve Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center

The Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center has been approved for $67,500 in capital resources grant money from the Monroe County Tourist Development Center to improve its pelican pond. The Monroe County Tourist Development Council has OK’d the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center request for $67,500 in capital resources grant funds to improve its pelican pond. … Read more

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Has New Florida Keys Manager

An organization focused on conserving and restoring bonefish, tarpon and permit populations through research and education has brought on a new leader to oversee its local efforts on the island chain. Last month, Ross Boucek, a Naples native, was hired as the Florida Keys initiative manager for the non-profit Bonefish & Tarpon Trust  based in … Read more

Global Coral Bleaching Event Likely Ending – NOAA

After analyzing satellite and model data, NOAA’s experts say coral reefs around the world may finally catch a break from [ Coral Bleaching ] high ocean temperatures that have lingered for an unprecedented three years, the longest period since the 1980s. The latest NOAA forecast shows that widespread coral bleaching is no longer occurring in … Read more

Underwater Music Festival Makes Waves For Reef Protection

An underwater concert is set to promote reef protection and entertain divers and snorkelers Saturday, July 8, during the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival. The annual event takes place at Looe Key Reef, an area of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary approximately 6 miles south of Big Pine Key. The sanctuary protects the waters … Read more

Coralpalooza Coming Key Largo June 2 2017

In celebration of World Oceans Day, Coral Restoration Foundation is hosting its third-annual Coralpalooza event during the weekend of June 2. The event “aims to bring recreational divers and ocean conservation-minded individuals together to promote coral reef restoration and ocean preservation,” according to the foundation’s press release. Coralpalooza helps raise awareness for World Oceans Day, … Read more

New State Report on Florida Bay Seagrass

A new status report on Florida Bay describes the marine seagrass ecosystem as “fairly stable” — at least it was until a massive 2015 seagrass die-off. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s report released this week gives Florida Bay seagrass an overall color-coded “green” rating, indicating a healthy or improving system. Research for the … Read more