Florida Coral Reef Webinar Series April 2022

In honor of Earth Month 2022, the Coral Reef Conservation Program invites you to participate in educational webinars about the wonders of our underwater national treasure: Florida’s Coral Reef. See the flyer for the 2022 Florida’s Coral Reef Webinar Series. 2022 Florida’s Coral Reef Webinar Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday April 5, 2022 Marine Invertebrate Identification (Part 1) Register April … Read more

Fish Pee – Number 1 Nutrient for Coral Reefs

“It’s kind of a funny thing to say that we would conserve for fish pee,” says study author Jake Allgeier, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington. “But it is hopefully setting a precedent to think about these reefs differently.” Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Roman emperor Vespasian taxed the sale of human urine, then a … Read more