What’s New in the Florida Keys for Fall 2019

The Florida Keys with community efforts to sustain precious natural resources through the Connect & Protect initiative, continue to unveil ways to preserve the Keys’ environment and connect visitors who love the outdoors to the island chain’s unmatched beauty. Efforts to replant and preserve coral along the Florida Reef Tract are ongoing. In addition, two new eco-stay properties, tucked … Read more

Things to Do in Kid Friendly Florida Keys

With its azure blue waters, swaying palm trees, year-round warm temps and bright blue skies, Kid Friendly Florida Keys makes for the perfect tropical escape. Two state parks, a national park, and a national marine sanctuary offer plenty of opportunities to explore and learn. Plus it’s easy to reach, at just a little over an hour’s … Read more

Kid Friendly Florida Keys – Islamorada

When people think about a kids-focused, family Florida vacation, Disney is the destination that typically comes to mind first––and for good reason. But the fact is, the Kid Friendly Florida Keys provides unique, exciting and educational experiences that make the islands a dream getaway for kids of all ages. Here are two can’t-miss activities in … Read more