Coralpalooza Coming Key Largo June 2 2017

In celebration of World Oceans Day, Coral Restoration Foundation is hosting its third-annual Coralpalooza event during the weekend of June 2.

The event “aims to bring recreational divers and ocean conservation-minded individuals together to promote coral reef restoration and ocean preservation,” according to the foundation’s press release.

coralpaloozaCoralpalooza helps raise awareness for World Oceans Day, recognized internationally each year on June 8, as well as the importance of the restoration, preservation and conservation of the continental United States’ only barrier reef ecosystem.

Registered individuals will have the opportunity to work in Coral Restoration Foundation’s offshore nurseries, outplanting corals on reef restoration sites, documenting the health of existing colonies and removing marine debris from the ocean alongside experienced team leaders.

All registered participants must be certified scuba divers and able to attend a training session held at the Murray Nelson Government and Cultural Center, mile marker 102, in Key Largo on the afternoon of June 2. The session will feature a presentation on basic reef and coral biology plus hands-on training with modules to prepare divers for the following day.

On Saturday, participants will meet their assigned dive groups at a pre-determined dive shop location in the Florida Keys. Space is limited and expected to fill up quickly, so reservations are recommended.

Participants are invited to attend a celebration event held the evening of June 3 at Snappers Oceanfront Restaurant and Bar in Key Largo for happy hour, appetizers and live music. Announcements will summarize activities from the day, followed by a raffle.

Registration is $20 per person. If you are not able to join in the water, there will also be on-land activities taking place for individuals of all ages.

Last year, more than 200 divers filled 17 boats. Teams outplanted 1,865 corals onto 11 different reef restoration sites, conducted routine maintenance in offshore coral nurseries, and collected citizen scientist data on growth and mortality of previously outplanted coral clusters on various reefs.

To take part in this year’s Coralpalooza or to find more information regarding registration, sponsorship opportunities, and answers to commonly asked questions, visit or contact Roxane at .

Source: Coralpalooza coming June 2

While the boats are out, land-lubbers are invited to join land events in Key Largo for a day of fun and learning. As the dive day draws to a close, dive participants are invited to the event celebration dinner Saturday evening for a raffle and announcement of the day’s successes!