American Beautyberry – Callicarpa americana a Florida Keys Favorite

Beautyberry a rapidly-growing North American native forms a rather loosely-arranged, rounded shrub, five to eight feet tall and equally wide (Fig. 1). Branches form long arches bending toward the ground and lend almost a weeping habit to older, established shrubs. The coarse, fuzzy, light green, deciduous leaves are combined with small, lavender-pink blossoms densely clustered…

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Monroe County Master Gardeners – 13 Plant Clinics April to June

The Monroe County Master Gardeners are holding 13 plant clinics at three locations this spring to help you with plant problems or insect identification. The Master Gardeners are part of the University of Florida/ IFAS/Monroe County Extension Service. All of the following plant clinics run from 9 a.m. to noon. KEY WEST: Gato Building, 1100…

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Create an Oasis for Butterflies in Your Florida Keys Landscape

Most of us have heard the saying, “Build it and they will come.” Can we apply this to attracting butterflies? If so, what are we building? The answer to the first question is definitely yes. The answer to what we are building is a little more complicated. Before you create a butterfly garden you must…


Students Help Preserve Big Pine Key’s Grimal Grove

The Grimal Grove horticultural property at 258 Cunningham Lane was the brainchild of the late Adolf Grimal, an avid tropical fruit tree collector. During his time, Grimal turned the roughly 2-acre site into his own garden oasis. Over time, though, after his passing, the property eventually succumbed to wild overgrowth and hefty code violation fines….