Goliath Grouper 12th Annual Count June 2021

Save the date for goliath grouper! The 12th Annual Great Goliath Grouper Count is scheduled to take place June 1–14, 2021. The Great Goliath Grouper Count is a stakeholder-driven effort, made possible through collaboration with Florida Sea Grant, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and county partners. Every year, the project provides a “snapshot” of goliath grouper abundance … Read more

Acoustic Telemetry Monitor Goliath Grouper Fishing Impacts

Acoustic telemetry is used to measure impacts of catch-and-release fishing on goliath grouper and to determine behavior patterns of this federally protected species. Background Goliath grouper (Serranidae: Epinephelus itajara) occur in tropical and subtropical waters from the west coast of Africa to the east coast of Florida, south to Brazil, and throughout the Gulf of … Read more