Be Aware of Alligators and Crocodiles

With summer in full swing, many people are working and recreating near Florida’s lakes, rivers and wetland areas. Warm temperatures also mean alligators and crocodiles are more active and visible. While serious injuries caused by alligators and crocodiles are rare in Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recommends taking the following precautions … Read more

FWC Advice Living With The American Crocodile

Seeing an American crocodile from a distance is a special experience for those visiting or living in South Florida and the Keys. However, as the population of this recovering species increases, so do the number of calls received by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) from people who are concerned by their presence. … Read more

Florida Keys Rules You Should Know

The Florida Keys are a fragile and unique environment brimming with life and complex ecosystems.  Numerous state and federal regulations exist to protect the Florida Keys and surrounding ocean. Florida Keys Rules. Frequent reports of wildlife violations prompted us to create this guide to the many environmental protections that everyone, visitors and residents, should know.   … Read more

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