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Report Wildlife Violations Incidents or Observations

Having extra eyes on the water can help law enforcement, aid in the rescue of distressed people or wildlife, and even support research on rare and unusual marine events. Report Wildlife Violations. It is always best when the individual witnessing an incident makes the phone call directly, so that the agency receiving the report can get first hand answers to any follow-up questions they may have.

Note: Boaters in distress should call the U.S. Coast Guard for help on VHF Channel 16.

Report Violations

Report violations of sanctuary regulations and other fish, wildlife, boating and environmental laws with any of the following methods:

Report harassment of marine mammals (dolphins, whales, manatees, etc) to NOAA Office of Law Enforcement at 1-800-853-1964.

Wildlife Violations

Report other Florida environmental crimes with any of the following methods:

  • Call Florida DEP’s 24-hour State Warning Point hotline: 1-877-272-8335.
  • Dial #DEP from a cell phone.

Report Incidents in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Oil, fuel or hazardous material spills: Call the 24-hour National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.

Missing, damaged, or found waterway markers:

Suspected algal blooms or discolored water: Call Mote Marine Lab’s C-OCEAN program at 305-395-8730 or file an online report.

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Fish kills: Call FWC on 1-800-636-0511 or submit an online report. Learn more about Fish Kills.


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