Smartphone App Collects Data Help Save Florida Reefs

Wondering how you can help in the fight against the decline of corals? With a new smartphone app called OkCoral, the Coral Restoration Foundation is hoping it can answer that question by turning underwater photographers into a citizen scientists. Florida Reefs The idea behind the app is getting recreational divers to help monitor the health of coral clusters that the foundation … Read more

Coral Safe Sunscreens

As you can see by the picture, there are many causes to Coral Bleaching. One of the problems that is adding to the problem is Sunscreens worn by swimmers and divers on and around reefs. This article explains some of the reasons and results of these Sunscreen ingredients as well as alternatives that are Coral … Read more

Coral Mobsters get Prison Time

By Adam Linhardt Citizen Staff The operator of a large Miami-based marine life export business and a general manager at the same businesswere sentenced to prison Tuesday for falsifying documents to cover up delivery of live rock used in saltwater aquariums.Robert Kelton, operator of D.R. Imports, Inc., and general manager Bruce Brande were charged in … Read more

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