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Lobster Mobsters Caught with 46 Tails

Three men aboard a commercial boat headed into a Coco Plum canal in Marathon were arrested Saturday on charges of possessing 46 separated lobster tails. FWC Lt. David Robison and Officer Olly Adams conducted a catch inspection at 3:45 p.m. near Avenue A on Coco Plum.

“A bag containing 46 wrung tails were found in a bag that had hidden on the boat,” Dube said. Many of the tails were undersized and it is illegal to separate lobster tails from the body before the crustaceans are brought ashore, Dube said. Officers filed one misdemeanor count for each of the 46 tails against the crewmen.

Charged with multiple misdemeanors were boat operator Angel Torre, 64, of Miami; Vladimir Herrero, 48, of Marathon; and Osmin Perez Alfonso, 77, of Hialeah. Torre also is charged with possessing two lobster traps without required registration tags and improperly displaying trap-license tag numbers on the boat. He was released on a $16,072 bond. Herrero and Perez were each released Monday after each posting $15,416 bond.


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