George Poveromo Video – Marathon Florida Keys YellowTail and Tuna

An example of why anglers flock to the Florida Keys. George Poveromo and local ace Ariel Medero begin their October trip by “yellowtailing”. Within minutes of dropping anchor and chumming, clouds of “flags” (large yellowtails) materialize behind the MARC VI. Between traditional yellowtailing tactics and live-chumming, the duo limits out and releases dozens more.
Next stop: the Marathon Hump, where they rely on specific “tricks” to horse blackfin tuna up through the sharks. In the midst of bailing blackfins, they notice a navigational buoy gone astray. They race to it and quickly deploy a ballyhoo and a Rapala CD 18. A few passes later, they box two dolphin and a pair of wahoo and call it a day!
yellowtail snapper - fish pee
Yellowtail Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper: Ocyurus chrysurus Appearance: back and upper sides olive to bluish with yellow spots; lower sides and belly with alternating narrow, longitudinal pink and yellow stripes; prominent midlateral yellow stripe begins at mouth and runs to tail, broadening as it passes the dorsal fins; caudal fin yellow and deeply forked; no dark lateral spot. Habitat: juveniles INSHORE on grassbeds and back reefs; adults NEARSHORE or OFFSHORE over sandy areas near reefs. Behavior: found mainly in tropical waters; spawns in midsummer; rarely exceeds 30 inches and 5 pounds in size; feeds on small fish and invertebrates. Additional Information State Record: 8 lb 9 oz, caught near Ft. Myers Excellent eating.