GMO Mosquitoes Proposed Again For Florida Keys

GMO Mosquitoes Proposed Again For Keys — As New Study Finds They Can Interbreed With Wild Insects

You have probably been reading and listening to news reports of the Mosquito born diseases plaguing the US this year. There are EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis which as killed at least 11 in the US), Dengue (In the USA, as of August 7, 2019, 216 dengue cases were reported to the CDC. During 2019, Florida, California and New York have … Read more

Rainy Season Equals Mosquito Season in the Florida Keys

Unlike Northern parts of the U.S., South Florida, including The Florida Keys, has just two seasons. The dry season which begins in November and runs into May. The rainy season which occurs from May through October. While there are Mosquitoes in the Florida Keys year around, they usually are reduced during the dry season due to the … Read more