Spiegel Grove is Not a Beginners’ Dive – Key Largo

Spiegel Grove

We were headed out for a “double dip,” two successive dives, on the purposely sunk wreck of the USS Spiegel Grove, which is considered the backbone of the artificial reef system in the Keys. It lies in 130-feet of water near Dixie Shoals off Key Largo. Dives depths range from 60 to 130 feet with the majority between 80 and 90 ft. of water.The dive boat pulled up to the mooring buoy. I looked out the window and saw that we were at number 6, cool! There are about eight mooring balls (the number seems to fluctuate) attached to the 510-feet long, 84 feet wide wreck. Number 6, in the middle of the ship, is affixed to the ship near the wheel house and provides great access and navigation to either direction of the ship.

Source: ‘Top Dog’ Spiegel Grove is not a beginners’ dive | Diving | KeysNet