Lobstering In The Florida Keys

The Florida Spiny Lobster season runs from August 6 through March 31. You still have plenty of time for some Lobstering in the Florida Keys!

As the shallow waters cool in Fall and Winter months, Lobsters return to deeper waters. This means you need to be more effecient in your capture methods, especially if you are Snorkeling.

Essential gear for when lobstering: Tickle sticks, Lobster Nets, Snares, Measuring Gauge, Lobster Gloves (especially important because of lobster’s spiny shells), Lobster bags (make sure you keep them contained once you catch ’em!), Diving hookah, SCUBA Gear (or big lung capacity!), Underwater fishing lights (for lobstering at night).

First and foremost, it’s important to know how Spiny Lobsters behave and move. Florida Spiny Lobsters will move forward very slowly and cautiously. However, if frightened they will use their tail to shoot backward very rapidly. If hunting with a net, you will want to take advantage of this natural reaction. When hunting with a net, use a “tickle stick” to gently tap the lobster on the tail. This will cause it to walk forward.

Lobstering in the Florida Keys!
Spiny Crawfish – Lobster

If not, you can be a bit more aggressive and use a sweeping motion to try and force it out of its hole. Once out of the hole, the best option is to try and trap the lobster between the net and the ground, starting with the net behind the lobster in case he jets backward. If not possible, place the net behind the lobster, and simply tap it on its forehead. This will freak him out, and cause him to shoot backward right into your net. Then QUICKLY swoop the end of the net around the lobster to trap it.

Another option is to catch the lobster with a snare, a much quicker and more direct method. Snares are becomming a preferred method to quickly capture lobsters for measuring. Here is an exceptional combo gear set.


  • Locking snare will keep your catch secure – Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • LOBSTER INN BAG – Sturdy Tapered PVC Entry w/Trapdoor Lid (Color may vary depending on stock)

Spiny Lobster Season – Florida Keys Rules

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Happy Lobstering in the Florida Keys!