Fantasy Fest Seeks Parade Ambassadors

Volunteer to have a ringside view and help keep the party on track!

Fantasy Fest is seeking volunteers to be Parade Ambassadors for the 2015 Fantasy Fest Parade on October 31. Parade Ambassadors will be right in the middle of all the fun, chaos and excitement that is the All Hallows Intergalactic Freak Show.

It will be like nothing you can imagine – but Parade Ambassadors also play a key role in keeping the Fantasy Fest Parade safe and fun for everyone. Stationed along the parade route and armed with broomsticks and magic wands (not really!) the 150 parade volunteers help keep the parade moving and make sure partygoers are out of harm’s way.

Volunteers are entrusted with great responsibility and must remain sober during the parade, as well as attend a pre-parade safety meeting.

These trustworthy, enthusiastic and astronomically helpful people will receive an exclusive 2015 Fantasy Fest t-shirt, the honor of wearing an Ambassador emblem and a one-of-a-kind souvenir. They will also be invited to attend social events with parade participants, team members, and parade staff.

Sign up online and get detailed information about being a Parade Ambassador at

Source: Key West the Newspaper – Fantasy Fest Seeks Parade Ambassadors –