Dates for the Cheapest Florida Keys Flights of 2016

Key West Airport Florida Keys FlightsIf you’re planning any Florida Keys Flights this year, check out these deadlines on best dates to fly. Moving an itinerary a single day could make the difference between a fare that’s a deal or a deal-breaker.

For spring break flights

Figure out when spring break week occurs where you live (check the school’s website) and follow these guidelines:

  • Fly weekdays: Avoid the expensive kick-off weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and fly cheaper weekdays instead. If that’s impossible, try a Tuesday-Saturday itinerary, as Saturday can be a little cheaper..

For domestic U.S. flights in spring, early summer

  • Fly by March 16: Last day of cheap winter prices; higher spring fares begin March 17.
  • Fly by May 16: The last day to take advantage of cheaper spring fares; beginning May 17, higher pre-summer pricing kicks in.
  • Fly by June 9: If you delay departure until June 10, you’ll pay peak summer fares.
  • Start flying Aug. 1: Fares start to drop, but only for weekday flights.
  • Start flying Aug. 23: Fares drop across the board as cheaper fall pricing begins.

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