Bloodline Season 2 Updates Plus Official Trailer

Viewers get to look inside the guided-by-problems Rayburn family once more, as “Bloodline” is confirmed to have a second season. Furthermore, Netflix recently confirmed the season 2 release date to be on May 27, which is the Memorial Day Weekend. According to CarterMatt, the show’s premiere schedule seems fitting because it will not have any competition releasing that date. By the looks of it, “Bloodline” might be the best option for people who don’t have anything good to watch during its timeslot.

BloodlineThe show will be expanding its ensemble cast, with three new characters to make an impression with the Rayburns this season. Bringing the characters to the Keys is Danny Rayburn’s death, and they each played a pivotal part in his life. Ozzy Delveccio (John Leguizamo) is a character to arrive in the Florida Keys from Danny Rayburn’s past. He has questionable motives, and he will take the opportunity to cause damage in the Rayburn family. Leguizamo recently caught up with Indiewire to discuss his character in the series. “To me, Ozzy was this really smart guy who was too smart, but didn’t have the opportunities in life. He saw everyone else moving up, and he didn’t. It made him a little twisted, a little Machiavellian and opportunistic. He’s an incredible charmer. He’s good at everything but not great at anything, you know? Everybody [else] is getting what he deserves,” he said.

Also entering the picture is Evangeline Radosevich (Andrea Riseborough). She is an unpredictable character who will make an impression to the Rayburns as a woman from Danny’s past. Lastly, Danny’s son Nolan Rayburn (Owen Teague) will be introduced next season, in the wake of his father’s death.

“Bloodline” season 2 will pick up where it left off with Meg, John and Kevin in their effort to build their lives back following the undoable act they committed after Danny’s actions.

Bloodline Season 2 Official Trailer

Netflix have unveiled a trailer for the second series of Bloodline, the original series starring Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Sam Shephard and Sissy Spacek.

Bloodline is set in the Florida Keys and deals with the lives of an outwardly rich and successful local family, and the surrounding community. Crime and Punishment has been acknowledged as a major influence on the series, which quickly turns dark over the course of the 13 episodes that made up season one.

The new trailer trawls back a little through the first season, whilst managing to hint at plenty of extra family drama to come when things get back underway, in particular in relation to the first outing’s dramatic ending.

“You can’t escape the past,” reads the blurb. “The Rayburns struggle to conceal an unthinkable crime and begin to unravel in the midst of mounting lies, betrayal, and paranoia.”

As we’ve come to expect with Netflix originals, the entire ten-episode series will drop at once on May 27 worldwide.

Watch the trailer via YouTube, below:

Source: ‘Bloodline’ season 2 updates: Premiere date, new characters revealed