Snorkeling the Brick Barge Islamorada – Video

One of the best snorkeling spots we found in the keys is the Brick Barge. it is located in Islamorada Florida. Lots of fish and other sea life.

Brick Barge is a small iron ship that lies on the north side of Hen and Chickens Reef. This barge was torpedoed during World War II and now lies in 20 to 28 feet of water. Because of its location, the Barge lies in a picturesque environment surrounded by large amounts of sea life. In the area are large boulders of brain coral and iridescent tropical fish.

Brick Barge IslamoradaThis is a great spot for photography as the combination of the sunken barge and the reef make an impressive sight.

Waypoint: BRKBRGLatitudeLongitude
N 24 56.070
W 80 32.980
N 24 56 4.200
W 80 32 58.800