Lighthouse Bios

Florida Keys Lighthouse Biographies

Name Location Year Built Type Height Color Active
Cape Florida Key Biscayne 1825 Brick 95′ White No
Fowey Rocks South-East of Key Biscayne 1878 Iron Screw Pile 125′ Brown Yes
Carysfort Reef Off Key Largo 1852 Iron Screw Pile 112′ Red Yes
Alligator Reef Off Islamorada 1873 Iron Screw Pile 150′ White Yes
American Shoal Off Sugarloaf Key 1880 Iron Screw Pile 124′ Brown Yes
Key West Key West 1848 Brick 86′ White No
Sand Key South Of Key West 1853 Iron Screw Pile 132′ Brown Yes
Northwest Passage Northwest Of Key West 1855 House on Iron Screw Pile 47′ White Ruins Only
Rebecca Shoal 43 Miles West Of Key West 1886 House on Iron Screw Pile 82′ White Yes
Garden Key Dry Tortugas 1876 Cast Iron Tower 25′ Dark Brown No
Loggerhead Key Dry Tortugas 1858 Brick 157′ Lower half White, Upper half Black Yes

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