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If you evacuated for Hurricane Irma out of the area, consider staying away for a few extra days. Before you decide to return, consider the following:

Power will be out for an undetermined period of time. This means no air conditioning, no lights, no refrigeration, no water pump and, in many cases, no stove.

Telephone service will be out or limited. This includes 911 calling. Lack of power and damaged facilities will affect both landline telephones and cellular telephone service. Even if your phone works, use it only for emergencies.

Municipal water supplies may be unsafe to drink without boiling or chemical treatment. Treat all water as unsafe until you are notified that it is safe. ¦

Important resource contacts

Monroe County Emergency Management – (305) 289-6018 –

StormReady – HOTLINE (800) 955-5504

Key West Police – (305) 809-1000 –

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office – (305) 292-7000 –

Florida Keys SPCA – (305) 294-4857 – FKSPCA

FEMA (Disaster assistance) – (800) 621-3362 – –

 Keys Energy Services – (305) 295-1000 –

American Red Cross – (305) 644-1200 –

National Hurricane Center – www.nhc.noaa/gov