Cook Like A Key West Local Free Cooking Classes – Key West Pink Shrimp

We’re excited to announce our new “Cook Like a Local” series, where Key West chefs will teach our community about preparing local food like Key West Pink Shrimp.
Join us at the SOS Callahan Community kitchen for our very first free demonstration cooking class. Learn how to prepare Key West Pinks with Jennifer Cornell, owner and chef of Small Chef At Large Catering Company.
Key West Pink ShrimpJennifer will be demonstrating how to prepare Ceviche, Baked Blackened Shrimp, and Coconut Shrimp. Small plates will be provided! We’re so excited to get to work with such experienced chefs!
Upcoming demonstrations:
  • October 6: Yellowtail Snapper prepared by Richard Hatch & Chef Dan – Owner and Head Chef of Salute and Blue Heaven.
  •  October 10: Prime Rib prepared by John Correa – Owner and Head Chef at Cafe Sole.
Spots for these classes are limited, so email to reserve your spot!

Key West Pink Shrimp

This wild-caught shrimp is not only local to the Florida Keys, but it’s also found in a habitat that’s not as populated by other fish as some other shrimp-centric areas, which means fewer non-target species wind up in the nets. Moreover, it’s delicious: sweet, meaty, and fresh. It’s most often served “peel and eat,” only increasing the sensation that you’re eating it straight outta the water. And you practically are.