Crab Trap Molesters Face up to 10 Years

On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, a Key West jury took less than two hours to find both Romualdo Ricardo Salado and Christopher J. Payne guilty of one count of Molestation of Another’s Stone Crab Trap by a Commercial Harvester.   Mr. Salado and Mr. Payne were found not guilty of a second count involving the same … Read more

Key Weird – Hog Tied Iguanas

A man was jailed Tuesday after police said he was caught on Duval Street with three large iguanas whose legs were “hog-tied” with duct tape as they dangled from his bicycle’s handlebars by wire. Jeremy Dugas, 35, of Key West, remained in the Stock Island jail Wednesday in lieu of $5,000 bond, facing a misdemeanor … Read more

Loggerhead Turtle Rescued in Key West

By Timothy O’Hara Citizen Staff The Marathon Turtle Hospital received a new patient Friday, after a Key West Wildlife Center worker rescued a sick sea turtle near the seawall by the Key West International Airport. Don the loggerhead turtle, named after a man who spotted him and called rescuers, was severely emaciated when Key West … Read more

Sculpture Memorialize Key West’s Late “Conch Ambassador”

Until his death in 2003, Bishop Albert Kee welcomed visitors to Key West’s Southernmost Point marker, acting as a smiling ambassador for the island while selling fluted, pink-lined conch shells beside the iconic landmark. The public can recall Kee and the “old Key West” heritage he represented Saturday, March 7, during the unveiling of a … Read more

Conch Shell Blowing Contest Key West

Conch Shell Blowing Contest

The annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest, sponsored by Old Island Restoration Foundation, celebrates the historic importance of the conch in the Keys.  Free and open to children and adults of all ages, the Contest will be held March 7, at the Oldest House, 322 Duval Street. Watch enthusiastic contestants pucker up and demonstrate their shell-blowing … Read more