Bloodline Spectres & Secrets Season 2 in Islamorada – Video

VIDEO Bloodline spectres and secrets for season 2Bloodline managed a great first run on Netflix last year, with a family drama full of secrets and lies, brought out by the return of outcast son Danny, mesmerisingly performed by Ben Mendelsohn.Now season 2 is almost upon us and it turns out things aren’t going to get any easier for the Rayburn family.This new video featurette delves deep into what happened in season 1 so if you’re not up to date beware of spoilers.


After Mendelsohn knocked it out of the park in the first season it would have been crazy to let a little thing like death keep him away from screwing with his family in season 2.And it sounds like the writers have come up with a number of neat ways to insert him back into the story, including regular flashbacks which have always been a part of stitching the tangled web of the past together in this complicated family.Season 2 hits Netflix on the 27th of May, 2016.

Where in the Florida Keys was Bloodline filmed?

If you are a fan of Netflix’s “Bloodline” but aren’t quite as well acquainted with the Florida Keys, here is a rundown of some of the locations. Want to track down where the Rayburns live, work, eat, and play? Here’s a spoiler-free tour of “Bloodline” locations.

‘Bloodline’ fan’s guide to the Florida Keys

Living and Working in Islamorada

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