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Yellowtail Snapper

yellowtail snapper - fish pee
Yellowtail Snapper: Ocyurus chrysurusAppearance: back and upper sides olive to bluish with yellow spots; lower sides and belly with alternating narrow, longitudinal pink and yellow stripes; prominent midlateral yellow stripe begins at mouth and runs to tail, broadening as it passes the dorsal fins; caudal fin yellow and deeply forked; no dark lateral spot.Habitat: juveniles INSHORE on grassbeds and back reefs; adults NEARSHORE or OFFSHORE over sandy areas near reefs.Behavior: found mainly in tropical waters; spawns in midsummer; rarely exceeds 30 inches and 5 pounds in size; feeds on small fish and invertebrates. Additional InformationState Record: 8 lb 9 oz, caught near Ft. MyersExcellent eating.
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