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Florida Box Turtle

florida box turtle
Terrapene carolina bauri, the Florida box turtle, is a small turtle. It’s usually only about 5 to 5.5 inches long.It has a dorsal keel and a yellow starburst pattern on its dark (brown or black) carapace, similar to the ornate box turtle. But its carapace is narrower than the ornate’s, and it often flares at the back. Also, the yellow lines are usually thinner than those on an ornate.Its plastron is tan and may have darker brown lines on it.It has brown skin with yellow lines on either side of the head, starting at about the corners of the eyes. The lines aren’t necessarily solid.Its eyes are brown (both males and females).The rear legs have either three or four toes, although four is more common. This turtle is also a good climber.Where the Florida Box Turtle LivesThe Florida box turtle lives—where else—in Florida. You can also find it in the Keys and sometimes even southern Georgia.It prefers damp woods, swamps and marshes, similar to the Gulf Coast box turtle.
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