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The Florida Keys Raccoons are a subspecies of the raccoons from the mainland US. The raccoons in the Keys are different in many ways; size, body shape, fur type, coloring.They are smaller than the mainland counterparts. The larger male might reach 6 pounds. This compares to the mainland raccoon which can be 35 pounds and more.The body shape of the Keys raccoons is also different. The Florida Keys raccoons appear leaner, narrower and the back is lower, so that the silhouette is nearly flat. The mainland raccoons have a hunched back. Even the shapes of their skulls differ.Their fur is lighter in color to match their surroundings and reflect the heat of the sun. While they have the familiar striped tails and masked faces like all raccoons, the overall coloring of a Keys raccoon ranges from rust to sand to light blonde. Facial masks are light and sometimes nearly non-existent.The lower Florida Keys are home to two subspecies of the raccoon. The Key Vaca raccoon (Procyon lotor auspicatus) originated in the Middle Keys, while the Torch Key raccoon (Procyon lotor incautus) inhabits the islands from Big Pine to Key West.
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