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Winter Weather Forecast Could Start the Winter Migration Early

If you are already, or soon to be, overcome by cold, snow and ice, it’s time to finalize those plans for your migration to the Florida Keys. Here are some questions to see how the Winter Weather Forecast affects your plans.

  1. How much Winter weather does it take to convince you to head South?
  2. When you do make the move is it just for a short period or will you be here for the Winter?
  3. How does your job affect your timetable?
  4. Do you plan ahead for taking time off in the Winter?
  5. How does your family affect your choices?
  6. Could this be the year you make the move permanent?
  7. Where in the Florida Keys to you plan to stay?
  8. Do you have a place waiting for you or will you be searching for accomidations?

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