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The Monroe County School District has no shortage of open Florida Keys jobs — 107 to be exact. Whether you’re a cook, bus driver, teacher or football coach, chances are there’s an open position in your arena. The district’s executive director of human resources, Dr. Ramon Dawkins, said most of the open jobs are replacing retiring employees.“We have more open jobs than usual, and 53 of them are due to retirements,” he said. “It’s not just us; it’s a national trend with a lot of baby boomers leaving the workforce.”

According to the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, between 2009 and 2019, half of the nation’s teachers and principals are expected to retire. The NCTAF calls the mass exodus of baby boomers the “largest teacher retirement wave in history.”

The recruiting process to fill the positions has been an aggressive one. In addition to being posted on the school district’s website, jobs also have been advertised on the Florida Association of School Administrators website. Dawkins said he monitors job fairs and recently attended the Great Florida Teach-In in Orlando with administrators from various Monroe County schools. The district found 12 applicants at the fair, and Dawkins said those aspiring employees did their research. “There were people who came to the event looking for us, and we found a lot of people who knew the Keys and the geography and topography of the area,” he said. “Where they wanted to work depended on their lifestyle: those wanting a calmer lifestyle where they could go fishing after work wanted Marathon; the more active people were looking at Key West; and those with some attachments to the mainland wanted Key Largo.”

New teachers earn a starting salary of $45,300, equaling a daily pay of roughly $231. The teachers have to complete multiple training sessions, including a two-day ethics course. There is also the process of completing the New Teacher Orientation Program, which is taken after the school day and takes most teachers a year to complete. Dawkins said because of the monetary investment in training teachers, the district seeks those who plan to commit to the area. It is not just the potential employees on the mainland that the district is looking for; it also hopes to add locals to the fold. Dawkins said that is a reason why the district not only advertises in The Citizen, but also hopes the news of open jobs travels in the most popular age-old fashion.“We like hiring our own and supporting our community,” he said. “That’s why we advertise locally, and, as always, by word of mouth.”

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Source: Wanted: 107 to work for school district | KeysNews.com

2 thoughts on “Wanted: 107 Jobs for Florida Keys School District

  1. Billie says:

    Not real sure a family can live on the $45000 that you stated. I have a Masters of Science Degree, and certified in Oklahoma for: Biology, chemistry, anatomy, Government, General Science and more. I am retired from the Oklahoma School System.

    Would I be considered a beginning teacher?

    1. keystreasures says:

      I don’t think anyone would expect to support a family in the Florida Keys on a single teacher’s starting salary. Average Household Income in the Florida Keys is $83,357

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