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Top 7 Common Questions About The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a coral island (key) archipelago located off the southern coast of Florida, forming the southernmost part of the continental United States. They begin at the southeastern coast of the Florida peninsula, about 15 miles (24 km) south of Miami, and extend in a gentle arc south-southwest and then westward to Key West. Below are 7 common questions people search for on Google about the Florida Keys.

Where is John Pennekamp State Park located?   

John Pennekamp State Park was the first underwater park in the United States. The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 14, 1972. The primary attractions of the park are the coral reefs (such as Molasses Reef) and their associated marine life. The park is located on the island of Key Largo on the Atlantic Ocean side. The Land based portion of Pennekamp Park is at Mile Marker 102.5.

What do you call the people who help coral reefs?

Reef Relief is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving and protecting our coral reef ecosystem.

Where can I can get information on camp grounds and activities to do in Everglades National Park?

Everglades National Park offers wonderful camping opportunities in both the frontcountry and the wilderness backcountry/ Camping is available year-round in Everglades National Park. Camping with some services is available at Long Pine Key, close to the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center, where 108 sites are accessible by car. Near Flamingo, 234 campsites with some services are also available.

Best time of year to rent a year round house in the Florida Keys FL

The Florida Keys home rental market is very competive with most being rented for vacation visitors. Most Winter tourists leave after Easter and the Summer visitors begin showing up at the end of the school year. This gives a short window in April and May to look for the best year round rental deals.

How fast can a spiny lobster go?

 Most of the time Spiny Lobsters crawl along the sea bottom rather slowly. But when they need to flee they swim backward quickly by curling and uncurling their tails. A speed of up to 5 meters (15 feet) per second (11 mph) has been recorded.

How long does it take for a stone crab to grow a new claw when the old one gets removed?

Once a stone crab loses a claw or other appendage it takes several molts to fully regenerate the lost appendage or claw. Each time a crab molts it has the ability to regenerate the lost appendage. Regeneration in adult crabs takes one year due to the seasonal molting of adult females in fall and adult males in winter. The regenerated claws start out smaller than the original and will continue to grow through subsequent molts. After three molts (three years in adult crabs) a claw can regain 95 percent of its original size. In juvenile stone crabs regeneration of lost appendages can be more rapid than adults. Juvenile crabs molt two or more times per year giving juveniles the ability to regenerate an appendage in a few months.

Is building sand castles on beaches a problem for sea turtles?

Florida Park officials have asked that beach-goers knock down sand castles and fill in any holes before leaving the beach to avoid the entrapment of sea turtle hatchlings. Even the nesting mothers can become stuck in holes left behind when crawling up the beach to nest. Removing all beach accessories such as tents, umbrellas, toys and chairs are also encouraged, officials said. Keeping the beach clean helps prevent obstacles for both the mother and the hatchlings.

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