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In Search of a Good Fish Sandwich – Outside Islamorada

Fish SandwichThis is the beginning of a story about a search for a good fish sandwich in Charlotte, NC. The writer uses their experience in Islamorada to preface what they are looking for.

No one ever really talks about who has the best fish sandwich in town. Best burgers, yes. Best overall sandwich, yes. Are there just not enough takers? Or enough Charlotte establishments with strong fish-sandwich game?It’s Lent, which is as good a time as any to get the conversation going about where to find one.

I’ll start with this: the best fish sandwich I’ve ever had was at Lazy Days in the Florida Keys. The restaurant’s casual atmosphere matches its name, and a long patio that runs along the back grants diners a view of a shallow Atlantic, jewel green and turquoise along a shoreline filled with palm trees. That probably makes it taste better. At Lazy Days, they’ll cook your catch, so you can enjoy the Fresh Catch Sandwich with fish you caught that day. That probably makes it taste better, too. So does ordering it Lazy Days style, where it comes topped with Key lime butter, grated Parmesan, diced tomato, and scallions. I urged my friends Mike and Lynn to try this sandwich once. When they returned to the Keys several years later, they had to stop at Lazy Days on their way to the resort because, as Mike puts it, “Lynn is obsessed with the sandwich there.”They have tried, and so have I, to replicate it at home with the same result: good, but not even close. I have regular, intense cravings for this sandwich. It’s about 800 miles away, however, so I’ve been on a quest to satisfy those cravings here in landlocked, Key lime-less Charlotte.

Source: In Search of a Good Fish Sandwich – Charlotte Magazine – February 2016 – Charlotte, NC

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