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Lobster Bully Netting Best Practices for Harvesters and Homeowners

Spiny lobster season is gearing up, and it is not just for divers. Harvesting by Lobster Bully Netting at night with the use of bully nets and lights is legal and fun, and is popular in the Florida Keys and portions of Miami-Dade County.

From FWC. How to Bully Net for Lobster Join us as we chat about bully netting and boating safety after dark, plus see how many lobsters were pulled up in about 5 minutes! Nighttime is the perfect time to go bully netting or diving for lobster! But where is it legal? Check out all the lobster regulations: Lobster Sport Season (Mini Season) is the last Wednesday & Thursday in July. Regular Lobster Season runs Aug. 6- March 31

By being courteous and respectful of each other, bully netters, homeowners and other members of the public can work together to ensure the season (Last Consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July for the two-day sport season and Aug. 6-March 31 regular season) is safe and fun. Check out the list of best practices below to learn more about how to make the most of this year’s spiny lobster season.

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 For recreational spiny lobster fishing regulations, including how to measure spiny lobster, visit and click on “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recreational Regulations” and “Lobster.”

Source: Bully netting best practices for harvesters and homeowners

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