Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day May 16

Lionfish Speared and Ready for Dinner.Click on Photo for Larger View
Lionfish Speared and Ready for Dinner.
Click on Photo for Larger View

State fishery managers have designated the first Saturday after Mother’s Day each year to be “Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day.” On this day, through education and outreach, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will encourage extra effort from the public to remove lionfish from Florida waters.

Lionfish are a nonnative, invasive species that have a negative impact on Florida’s native wildlife and habitat.

The FWC has several activities planned for the weekend of the first annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day, which is May 16. On May 16-17, divers across the state will be encouraged to see how many lionfish can be removed from Florida waters in one weekend. Divers are asked to report their catches via the Report Florida Lionfish app or online at

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