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Florida Keys Lighthouses


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Cape Florida

Fowey Rocks

Carysfort Reef

Alligator Reef

Sombrero Reef

Key West

Pacific Reef Beacon

Florida Keys Lighthouse Bios

The Biography of a Lighthouse is as intriguing as there visual beauty. On this page you will find a short Bio. and a link to a WEB page with more detailed information. Click on the link above.

Faux Lighthouses

Faux Lighthouses are not built by government agencies as Navigational Aids. They are built by individuals or private institutions for such reasons as; an attention getter for a business (such as the well known Faro Blanco Resort Lighthouse in Marathon), as a tribute to some group or organization, a symbol of an organization, or simply for decoration on private property. The Florida Keys has an unusual Facsimile Lighthouse on Boca Chita Key which was built by the island owner to guide vessels into it’s harbor. The Coast Guard forced him to deactivate the light since it was not a legal Aid to Navigation.


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Faro Blanco

Whale Harbor

Boca Chita Key
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